central air-conditioning


The central air conditioning | Chillery, Fankojly, VRV system

The central central air, the circuit design.

    Heating, cooling goes through the hot air duct or on cold water to a pipe,

Connected and placed in different rooms to achieve the object, — the most comfortable internal air conditioning.

    Use of the automatic air duct so that to maintain various temperature in rooms and,

Automatics can control fresh air inflow, and also improve quality of air indoors, a filtering.

Preventive maintenance of diseases by means of premise air-conditioning.

The overall objective of the central air conditioning, — to create the most comfortable living conditions, and secondly from the aesthetic point of view in the best way to use space.

The central air conditioning, can use a house interior that is more flexible, — it is easier to realise various ornamental effects even if you do not like original furnish, repair, original central central air of air can be a little changed according to a new ornament.


central air conditioner is «the owner of a wind».

The main central central air of air and water, system shares on two parts. Air central air consists of the outdoor block, a pipe of an air supply and an exit of each number and to adjust valves and other components, water system consists of the outdoor block, water tubes, the circulating pump and in the end of everyone internal (фанкойлы, superficial installation etc.).

The central central air consists of system of heating, cooling and air central air.


  • integral cooling system for air central air, — provides demanded power of cooling and compensation of loading of cooling of internal medium;
  • Systems of heating, air central air indoors with thermal loading for heat compensation.

The integral cooling system is the vital part of central central air of air. The system uses type, an operating mode, the structure forms direct affecting for work of central central air of air in economy of the electric power, efficiency and rationality.

Modular cars: on the basis of system VRV

Modular cars: on the basis of system VRV


central air conditioner the general terms.

1. Comfort air conditioners, — household split-systems, air conditioners:
Stationary devices for local cooling of a premise.

2. Air-conditioning process;

Also known, as automatic maintenance of temperature and humidity of air, temperature indoors, humidity, speeds of a stream of air, a stream direction, purity of air, control of parametres within a certain range, — with a view of satisfaction of demands of a flow process.

3. Power of cooling:

Air-conditioning, — premise cooling for unit time, low pressures of a coolant in the evaporator absorbs heat. Measurements in Vt or kw are usually used.

4. Heating by the thermocompressor;
The air conditioner works on heat (thermocompressors of the additional device do not demand) for unit time in the restricted space, a room. Measurements in Vt or kw are usually used.

5. Efficiency.
The cooling (heating), formed in a cooling cycle (warmly) and cooling (heating), — an input relationship to factor of productivity of cooling name power-efficiency, EER.

6. A coolant.
The integral cooling system coolant comes to the end a cooling cycle of operating fluid of a coolant in the evaporator is chilled installations transpirations absorb heat also, heat exchange in the capacitor in ambient air or water is condensed in a liquid, — чиллер.

7. A coolant. Хлад.агенты it is used in an integral cooling system contour in the capacity of the carrying agent.

    Cooling sorbtion, — work сплит systems but heat, and then the evaporator is chilled, so that the cycle repeats continuously.

8. Фанкойлы.

Enter into a set of central central air of air, are usually used in теплообменном the equipment.

9. Чиллеры with a water cooling:

With a water cooling of a cooler of central air of air of the central part of cooling. A coolant is water, so-called чиллеры, and the water cooling capacitor, — the heat exchanger, for use of cooling to room temperature.

10. Cooling towers;
Water, — for air cooling so the special equipment is usually installed in the overhead part of a building, on a roof.

    It is used in a refrigerating machinery, electrotechnical, chemical and many other industries.

11. VRV system:
System with the variable charge of a coolant. The outdoor block is collected as parallel systems of cooling and have the centralised access to pipeline system of heating of a building.

According to characteristics of the internal block it is possible to select easily power of the internal block of a matching size with 122,5 to 1.5 KW differential selection, that is, to group of the outdoor block can be connected to 30 internal blocks.

    The built in internal block with napolno-ceiling installation, wall installation, the channel air conditioner and so on.
    Various types of air conditioners can be connected to one loop of cooling with individual control. The minimum capacity, power of the internal block, — 0.6 KW, макс., — 3.75 KW.

12. Modular cars: on the basis of system VRV appeared, in 1985. Are invented by the Australian scientist and apply to special groups of premises.

It, application of modular cars changed traditional фреоновые the water systems, the combined internal and outdoor cooling, internal blocks as фанкойлы.

    Use in the capacity of a coolant, — the water heat exchanger of cooling.

13. Piston coolers of water;
The piston cooler of water of a refrigeration cycle is required for achievement of demanded temperatures of refrigerant compressors, auxiliaries and accessories compactly gathered, — for use of cold air and refrigerating machinery air-conditioning as a whole.

    One-piston type the cooler of water of cooling from 60 to 900 KW, approaches for average and small designs.

14. The Screw-chiller
Refrigerating the screw-chillera is provided with cooling of water and other refrigerating machinery.

    Usually the Screw-chiller, — developments of power engineering, transport, hotels, restaurants, light industry, textile and other branches of air conditioning, water and power designs with chilled water are used in national defensive, scientific researches.
    Screw чиллер, — with the screw refrigerant compressor, the capacitor, the evaporator, and auto-self-checking of components and devices, components of all integral cooling system.

It, system, — has compact structure, small sizes, easy weight, compactness, simplicity in maintenance and maintenance service, a trouble-free operation for a long time that allows to gain a wide spectrum of application.
Independent a cold. Productivity from 150 to 2 200 KW, approaches for averages and large-scale projects.

Here you can independently расчитать power of a refrigerating machinery and create a virtual climate indoors.

    • Programs for calculation of power of compressors a design aerodynamics of air ducts Megi Cad (1 мв).


    • irreplaceable tool for a climate. Technics. tbal205 «island»(calculation of thermal balance) (1,6 мв).
    • Calculations of cross-sections of air ducts ARV 4,2 (1,480 мв).
    • Cold Room Galc 4 program for calculation of thermal balance (2,036 мв)

    Расчитать ventilation and air conditioning system, for climate creation
    Not too simply, looking at a picture more low to (follow the link), you fathom how much scale it is a problem.

      On complexity a design aerodynamics of air ducts — one of the most difficult.

    Source: the Climate | thermal | calculation | balance | premises | Rostov-on-Don.
    Programs for calculation of power of compressors to select сплит system, расчитать the air duct.

    Industrial central airs

    Industrial central airs: we go to you, on manufacture, to offices-pieces of glass, on a country country house in the form of the lock or a palace.


    Chinese street is chilled even

    It is possible to chill everything, even a street section in a through passage and hot place, anything ridiculous in it is not present, in Hong Kong there are open places on a foot zone where the street is chilled, go on foot on sidewalk, and here бах,

    завеяло a cool sea breeze from system of industrial air conditioning.

    Industrial central airs: we go to you, on manufacture, to offices-pieces of glass, on a country country house in the form of the lock or a palace

    Industrial central airs

    Profitableness of such design is not known and not clear, but the effect is, at least about it speak, here fools Chineses, well, stupid — street chill. The Chinese everything is pleasant, let speak though and with a negative tincture of envy

    Modular cars: on the basis of system VRV already came to us...

    Application of modular cars of an industrial cold changed traditional фреоновые water systems to the combined internal and outdoor blocks of cooling, internal blocks it фанкойлы. Use in the capacity of a coolant, — the water heat exchanger of cooling.

    The central air conditioners, can use a house interior that is more flexible, — it is possible to realise is easier various effects of space, original central central air of air can be strongly changed according to features of an interior