Кондиционеры DАX: цена и качество...

Conditioners DAX, have proved as middle class conditioners, but on equitable price

I explain. On technical characteristics, quality of assemblage and at the price of the conditioner maintenance, сплит systems DAX, are flush with such, for example conditioners as Danteks, but cost cheaper.

DAX, — the conditioner of year DАX DTS 7/9/12/18/24 H.
DАX, дакс — business class systems, ionisation.

DAX are collected at factories AUX Group.

Conditioners DAX are collected at factories AUX Group, this enterprise — AUX Group, is famous for the quality, is awarded by medals and certificates, — the conditioner of year DАX DTS.

Use of non-polluting freon, — And 410, a high class of power savings, conditioners Daks more and more popular among inexpensive models сплит acceptable quality systems do.


— On the present will decorate your dwelling. A mirror board, the elegant digital display, sound plastic. You will understand while in service the conditioner that quality of plastic plays an important role and value. The conditioner at a temperature kit does not crack, as peas in a mouth of an old parrot.

not for a minute will not interrupt your sleep and rest.

Price category of conditioners DAX, — low. Favourable enough acquisition of qualitative technics on equitable price.
DAX, it is models not only a household series of conditioners:

DTS — DАX DTS 07H/DTU 07H, DTS09H/DTU09H, DTS 12H/DTU 12H, DT 18H/DTU 18H, DTS 24H/DTU 24H, DTS 30H/DTU 30H. But also ceiling, floor and systems of columned type. You can study descriptions of these conditioners more attentively, having read the catalogue of equipment DAX.

Сплит-системы DАX это справедливая цена и качество... источник
Кондиционеры DАX, зарекомендовали себя как кондиционеры среднего класса, но по справедливой цене.