1. Plasma-filter in air conditioners is
  2. Dantex-Vega  — The brightest spider from Lyre constellation
  3. Technical har spiders among air conditioners

Plasma-filter in air conditioners Dantex-Vega, — positively gate out this model of air conditioners, — Dantex Vega, from the colleagues

Dantex Vega, — RK - 07/09/12/18/24 SEG

Dantex Vega, — the brightest spider among a ruler of household air conditioners Danteks.

Dantex-Vega RK — SEG


    , — The brightest spider among a ruler of household air conditioners Danteks.
    Danteks Vega, is mysterious but, compatible to comfort and a cool «spider», among air conditioners of the given class-room and cost.
  • Dantex Vega, — RK — 07 SEG
  • Danteks Vega, — RK — 09 SEG
  • Dantex-Вега, — RK — 12 SEG
  • =Vega, — RK — 18 SEG
  • SEG, — RK — 24 SEG

Dantex Vega series — SEG, — present to you comfort and cold, but a soft breeze (air from the sea).
The spider of sea hope, — all is Danteks-Vega.

Dantex-Vega, is not only plasma-filter burning our hearts, but it also useful knowledge about far, but it is is possible for a long time already to not existing spider.

Demands to split-system installation
Plasma-filter in air conditioners is, and that here such, it is always better when something good and useful is... Badly when there is no this let and useless, but installing hopes in our unruly hearts of function — the plasma filter.

Technical har and overall dimensions Dantex-Vega SEG

Gabarits, sizes and other technical features and characteristics Dantex Vega. Dantex-Vega SEG.

Technical har and overall dimensions Dantex-Vega SEG.


spider in the sky: split-system Dantex-Vega, — on a wall

In constellation of Lyre, this never-ending cold muse of space there is the brightest, but cold spider Vega.

But, constantly to observe this space beauty, — it is enough to hang up in a room on a wall the air conditioner with the name with the same name and красотою, — Dantex-Vega.

Split-system with the name of spider Vega with the same name, you can not only look, but also buy this attracting stellar cool.

Such ... it is possible to admire

Dantex-Vega,  —  it is possible to admire as the far spider, Such звездатым it is possible to admire

Dantex-Vega, — it is possible to admire as the far spider

Here and it is gained: Spider Vega in the sky, but surprising nearby, split-system Dantex-Vega, — on a wall in your room, it here together with you, and such ... the air conditioner actually can admire as the far spider.

Technical har spiders among air conditioners Dantex-Vega its overall dimensions and weight, them are at us many all truthful.