Динамическая затяжка гаек сплит системы, как правильно? Всё написано, ничего не скрываем.


Outdoor unit terminal Connecting cable
unit terminal Connecting
Single Split Model
Dual Split Model
Wiring For Above 6000W Model (Above 21000BTU/h Model)

The cable wire can be led from the back hole of the piping hole or ejecting hole.

1 Remove the self-tapping screws (2 pes) onthe maintenance board and take out the maintenance board.

Please utilize outdoor pipe support when the cable wire is led from the backside.
Terminal board
Fix the cable wire with anchor cable
Maintenance board

Outdoor pipe support (Outdoor pipe support is not required when leading the cable wire from other places).
2 Loosen the self-tapping screws (2 pes) on the fixing clip to loosen the fixing clip.

3 Loosen the fixing screw of the wire terminal board, pass the power wire and signal wire through the fixing clip. Then firmly fix the power wire and signal wire on the terminal board with the fixing screw. (Earth wire must be connected firmly.)

Maintenance board

Right wiring Piping cover Ejecting hole
4 Tighten the self-tapping screw on the fixing clip.

5 Install the maintenance board. After the pipes and cable wire are installed, please seal the sponge block as per drawing indication.


♦f not include the connect diagram you need, please see the wiring diagram.

• If you find the color of connecting cable not comply with the top diagram, please take real objects as major reference. But the terminal of the same sign must be joint with the connecting cable of the same color.

• The plug housing 1 is connected to the matched receptacle housing of the indoor unit.

• The plug housing 2 is connected to the matched receptacle housing of the outdoor unit.

• If the signal wire has to be bought separately, choose electric wire above 0.75mm2.

• If not include the connect diagram you need, please see the wiring diagram.

• If the interconnection cord for power supply has to be replaced, please see the following table for reference.

• Please take the electric circuit diagram attached to the indoor/outdoor units as major reference while installing.

• The power wire and signal wire between the indoor/outdoor units must be connected one by one as per corresponding number on the wiring terminal board.

• The connecting cables must be clipped together.

• Special cable must be used to connect indoor unit and outdoor unit. It should be ensured that the terminals are not influenced by external force. Poor connection may cause fire.

• The electric box cover must be mounted and secured in position, otherwise fire or electrical shock may occur because of dust or moisture.

• The temperature of refrigerant circuit will be high, please keep the interconnection cable away
connected with the mains which has system impedance limitations. While installing the unit, please see the following table for impedance information or consult with the supply authority.(The following information and specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to continuing research.)