установка внутреннего блока сплит системы, монтажные размеры пластины крепления, разметка отверстий для сверления.


1 Location of indoor unit

  • Keep the air inlet and outlet at a far distance from the blockage.
  • Keep the height distance between the indoor and outdoor unit at most 5m.
  • Mount on the wall solid enough to bear the weight of the unit and not cause any shake.
  • Avoid direct sunshine.
  • A place easy for condensate drain and easy for connecting with the outdoor unit.
  • Keep a far distance away from the fluorescent lamp, it may influence the operation of remote controller.
  • Keep at least 1 m away from the TV radio and other home appliances.

2 Location of outdoor unit

  • A place for firm location of the unit, solid enough to bear the weight of the unit and not cause any shake.
  • Good ventilation, less dust, far from direct rain and sunshine.
  • A place where the air discharged out of the outdoor unit or the operation noise will not annoy your neighbours.
  • No blockage near the outdoor unit.
  • Avoid places close to inflammable gas leakage.


1 Securing the mounting plate and drill on the wall

  • Secure the mounting plate

The mounting plate should be attached to the structural part of wall (post etc).

  • The holes at solid arrow position must be secured to avoid the shake of mounting plate.
  • When the expansion bolts are used, two holes (11×20 or 11×26 ) that the distance between them Is 450mm should be adopted.
  • Confirm the position of holes, and drill holes on the wall.

2 Wiring Open the front grille;

Remove the screw from electrical box cover, pull the electrical box cover away from the unit and set aside. Remove the screw from fastener, pull the fastener away from the unit and set aside.

- Connect the cable. Indoor unit terminal

- Replace the fastener and electrical box cover.
Connecting cable

- The appliance shall be installed in accordance with national wiring regulations.

- The appliance must not be installed in the laundry.

- The appliance must be installed 2.3m above the floor.

- The appliance must be positioned so that the plug is accessible.

- For some models whose cooling capacity are above 4600W (17000BTU/h), an ail-pole disconnection device which has at least 3mm separation distance in all pole and a residual current device(RCD)with the rating of above 10mAshall be incorporated in the fixed wiring according to the national rule.

3 Installation of the drain hose


The drain hose must be arranged beneath the connecting pipe. The drain hose must not be hunched or twisted. While wrapping up the drain hose, do not pull it. The drain hose through the room must be wrapped up by the thermal insulation materials.

The connecting pipe and the drain hose must be wrapped up by felt strip. Adiabatic pad should be used at where the pipe contacts the wall.

If pipe comes out of the right side of the indoor unit, cut part “1″ of the unit;

If pipe comes out of the lower-right side of the indoor unit, cut part”2″of the unit;

If pipe comes out of the left side of the indoor unit, cut part”3″ of the unit.
Liquid pipe gaspipe

  • • If pipe comes out of the left side of the Indoor unit, the drain hose must be refitted, otherwise water leakage may occur.
  • Readjustment methods: Interchange the position of drain hose and drain rubber plug.
  • Clearance is not allowed after refit, it would lead to water leakage.

Installation of the indoor unit

Let pipe go through the wall hole and attach the indoor unit to the mounting plate.(Press the rib of indoor unit inside the hook of the mounting plate.) Pipe Connection

  • The number of bent position of the pipe in the indoor unit should not exceed 10.
  • The number of bent position of the pipe in the indoor unit and the outdoor unit should not exceed 15.
  • The radius of bent position should be more than 10cm.
  • Please break the evaporator craft tube with pincers before connecting. After exhausting the inside air, use the wrench to twist down the nut of connecting tube of the evaporator.(Fig. 1)
  • Put some seal oil to cover the joint and the flare.
  • Align the centre of joint in line with that of flare and tighten the nut of connecting pipe with wrench.(Fig. 2)

,/’!\ Attention:

Do not exhaust the inside air just by loosing the nut since there is the air of certain pressure inside the tube of indoor unit.

Please do not make extra effort for fear of damaging the expansion orifice.

6 Arrangement of the drain hose (F’9’1) (Fig. 2)

  • •To drain the condensate water easily, the drain hose should be declined downwards. The following 5 arrangement methods are incorrect.

Decline downward

  • (Fig. 1)
    • If you find the drain hose not long enough to connect with the indoor unit, you can extend it with the hoses in the accessory box.
  • • The drain hose through the room must be wrapped up with the special adiabatic material.

Wall sealing and Pipe fastening

• Use putty to seal the wall hole.

• Use clamp (pipe fastener) to secure the pipe at specified position.