Daikin Japan and OYLM: Novelty from McQuay

Daikin Japan и OYLM объединили усилия. Новая линейка McQuay, Acson серии J.

Novelty from McQuay:: the Design of air conditioners of air, split-systems from companies Daikin Japan and OYLM.

Daikin Japan and OYLM merged force. New ruler McQuay, Acson series J. Split-system of wall type.

Daikin Japan and OYLM merged force.

McQuay Acson series J

These are models: MWM009J/JR

The description:
Air purification by means of the biofilter and a photo-kataliticheskogo titanovo-apatitnogo
The deodorizing filter
Biofilter Bio Antibody Filter effectively struggles with various exciters of the infectious
The diseases transferred by an air-drop way, and titano-apatitnyj the filter is capable
To trap microscopic corpuscles and to split unpleasant odours. Under condition of filter cleaning
Time in half a year, it serves about 3 years without replacement.


The microprocessor allows to reveal and diagnose various derangements and maladjustments
Systems. The derangement code is represented by winking of indicators.

The turning on-shut down button it is direct on the internal block
On the obverse panel of the internal block there is a button of turning on-deenergizing of system on a case утери the panel or
Dischargings of elements of a food. The same button can be used for compulsory start-up of system.

Automatic restart

Function of automatic restart allows to renew work of system with those installations which were
Are set before emergency switching-off of power supplies.


In air conditioners of series M5WM10JR more effective compressor and the best coolant R410A is used, Novelty from McQuay
That allows to attain the maximum class-room of power-efficiency on the European classification (A/A).

Leads to the smaller charge of the electric power, especially if the air conditioner is used daily. Models
Series Acson M5WM-J participate in the program of certification Eurovent in a class “Air conditioners for comfort
хлад.производительностью to 12 kw (AC1) ”. The description of the certificated models is resulted in the Instruction

Novelty from McQuay-Acson. The design of air conditioners of air, сплит systems from companies Daikin Japan and OYLM. Split-system of wall type of series J. Models: Acson MWM009J/JR, M5WM010J/JR, MWM015J/JR, M5WM015J/JR

Power of kw.       Air conditioner gabarits
M. a cube/hour
Внутр. The block
The external block
AWM 07/2,252,5820288*800*204540*700*250380
AWM 10/2,653,0850288*800*204540*700*250450

Air conditioners McQuay are simply created for comfort.