Conditioners and split-systems of Rostov-on-Don: «Split Rostov»


Conditioners and split-systems of Rostov-on-Don.

Conditioners of Rostov are excellent сплит systems, we will present to you a cool. We, the licensed climatic company «Split Rostov» are direct dealers of the companies — manufacturers of conditioners of popular trade marks. split-systems of Rostov-on-Don

We, «Split Rostov», — are able to formulate idea effectively and capaciously. Innovations and development, efficiency and an innovation from the companies of manufacturers. About it you can re having followed the link news of th companies.

    Direct deliveries, reasonable prices as, — intermediaries are not present.


    Qualitative installation of split-systems and installation of the chosen models of conditioners by the


    company «Split Rostov», — will create comfort and a cosiness in your house, on a summer residence, at


    office and other premises.

It can, it is at conditioners  Mitsubishi  srk/src 50/56/52/63/71 he-s1

Technical characteristics and overall dimensions. srk/src 50/56/52/63/71 he-s1
Features of split-system of Mitsubishi of a series srk/src 50/56/52/63/71 he-s1 The conditioner of Mitsubishi with the raised productivity The room conditioner of Mitsubishi with the raised holodo-productivity: series SRK
50/56/52/63/71 he-s1 represents the wall split-central airs consisting of internal and external blocks, with a coolant filled at manufacturer. srk50he_rukovodstvo The internal block … to Read further → Conditioners of Mitsubishi of a series srk/src
50/56/52/63/71 he-s1 | the Unsurpassed stream of air

  Fujitsu ™ ASY (ASH)

Fujitsu ™ ASY (ASH) 7/9/12/18 USCCW, — the most running model with excellent characteristics.
Fujitsu ™ (Fujitsu General) — models ASY or ASH 7/9/12/18/24/30 U.

Fujitsu a standard complete set, — anything superfluous and affected, strict classical design and elegant forms, and also the highest … to Read further → Leaders of sales among conditioners of a class a premium | Fujitsu ™ ASY or General — ASH 7/9/12/18 U Installation the systems, all truth about installation of conditioners.
Dear buyer! Conditioner installation, the instruction on installation


  • To choose the conditioner Mitsubishi — History of creative company of Mitsubishi
  • Fujitsu accepts the concept the conditioner Code of display of an error | AU
  • JAX, Pioneer, Hansa, Saturn, Vit Rolsen, Yamatsu, Daihatsu — All about maintenance service conditioners
  • Codes of errors, diagnostics an of malfunctions of conditioners, systems Mitsubishi-Heavy | Codes of error Malfunctions Mitsubishi
  • Conditioners of Rostov | Split various marks and cost
  • Samsung — codes of malfunction conditioners
  • Conditioner installation, the in on installation systems
  • Airwell, Elektra, Tadiran — Th mountain, pure — as freedom LI radiant
  • Installation of conditioners and installation works
  • Luna, — a ruler of conditioners At purchase, at us, conditioners white ribbon in a gift
  • Mitsubishi-Heavy — descriptions functions сплит systems, a lineu
  • Conditioners RODA, — German c and the certificated quality


  • We thank you for a choice of our conditioner.
  • Prior to the beginning of installation it is necessary well though to read this long instruction and to keep it for the inquiry.
  • Independent installation and conditioner maintenance service it is forbidden. Wrong installation … to Read further → Safety precautions or obligatory instructing of the user after carrying out of assembly and starting-up and adjustment actions.

Before conditioner inclusion it is necessary to familiarise with the technics resulted more low attentively
Safety for maintenance of normal functioning of system.
At conditioners  more than 4600 Vt (17000 btu/h) are not present a plug plug of a cable … to Read further → Conditioners, — safety precautions

Midea as Luna, — a standard complete

Midea as Luna, — a standard complete set of conditioners.
Classical design and strict forms, — distinctive qualities systems Midea Luna.
Midea-Luna  – Classical and strict forms. Colour scale, — as at the present Moon, — it is black — white. Some are convinced that the Moon as … to Read further → Luna, — a series of conditioners Mideja of a class the Standard

Midea DC inverter — company Midea (Мидея) Holding

Midea DC inverter, are new innovative technologies — 180 Sin Wave DC Inverter.
Economy, it is possible even with conditioners Midea DC inverter. Invertornye conditioners with new, innovative technology — 180 Sin Wave DC Inverter allows faster and … to Read further → 180 Sin Wave DC Inverter and it is much another, is Midea DC inverter
Midea Prestige, — as stably quality indicator and reliability. Multipurpose and beautiful, all it — Midea-Prestige.

Midea-Prestige – Original design of the internal block of conditioner Midea of a series «prestige» is decorated by the built in and multipurpose display.
The mode осушки premises in the given conditioner, is strengthened … to Read further → A prestigious series of conditioners from company Midea (Мидея) Holding

Fujitsu and Fujitsu General rulers ASY (ASH) 7/9/12/18 USBCW

Fujitsu and Fujitsu General rulers ASY (ASH) 7/9/12/18 USBCW, — break to the new quality standards characteristics.
Fujitsu (Fujitsu General) — models ASY (ASH) 7/9/12/18 FSBCW. Occurrence given ASY (ASH) 7/9/12/18 FSBCW series of conditioners from ruler Fujitsu, is … to Read further → Fujitsu and Fujitsu General, — two brands which have turned climatic outlook:: series ASY (ASH) 7/9/12/18 USBCW

Conditioners cheaply, budgetary series KFR — GW/F |  RAV

Inexpensive systems the house-keeper of class AKL, SONIK, Daihatsu (Дайхатсу), Renova.
Conditioners of a low price category, comparative features. To inexpensive кондиционерамсерии «House-keeper» concern  systems of the lowest price category. Many often ask a question: «And such purchase сплит systems is how much good and favourable, not … to Read further → Economical

Toshiba series RAV

We repair conditioners Toshiba — Toshiba series RAV | Codes of errors of conditioners of
models RAV
Malfunctions and malfunctions of conditioners Toshiba, we rectify errors in work your favourite сплит systems
Toshiba, an error code = 0C It is faulty — the TEMPORARY SECRETARY of the PREMISE. The GAUGE (TA)
Inappropriate, rupture, … to Read further → Toshiba series RAV — malfunctions of conditioners or
error codes

The historical Messiah, we for a long time already in Russia — Airwell, Elektra, Tadiran.

The historical Messiah, we for a long time already in Russia — Airwell, Elektra, Tadiran.
The remedial saga or pure breath.
Who has told, what there is Messiah in разухабистой no Russia?
So, I will tell dared to you, us judge on affairs, honour — Air well it … to Read further → Historical procession, a mass in Russia — Airwell, Elektra, Tadiran
To live not on lie — advertising of catalogues of conditioners Airwell, Elektra, Tadiran.
Catalogues and intrigues, conditioners.

Beginning sellers of conditioners often ask for suggestions — how to live not on lie, how to
choose correct сплит system? To do life from what? From what to start … to Read further →
Airwell — freedom air to breathe well:: to Download the catalogue of conditioners Air well | Elektra, Tadiran and Airwell — all for you

Universal control panels

Universal control panels of split-systems KT-1000, K-1010E and their analogues Control panel selection under concrete model сплит systems.
If you have lost a control panel the conditioner or it, the panel, for any reasons has broken, and it is impossible to find «the native» panel in the city of Rostov — not … to Read further → Conditioner control panel — universal

Lessar Classik

A budgetary series of conditioners Lessar Classik will pleasantly surprise at the stable and guaranteed quality сплит systems.
Lessar the standard or Cool + — LS/LU-H07/09/12/18/24/28 KEA2
Lessar Classik it (marks and letter designations):
Lessar the classic, — LS/LU-H 07 KEA2, Lessar standart … to Read further → Lessar Cool + — the conditioner from Petersburg democrats, we buy, it is not yawned...

Chigo Color — KFR

The colour and replaceable panel from Chigo, we decorate your interior conditioners with the panel. split-systems of Rostov-on-Don
Chigo Color — KFR — 23/25/32/51/66/88 GW A, B, C, F (the colour panel)
Conditioners Chigo (Чиго) with the demountable panel of the internal block, split-system
Chigo of the given series are very convenient in … to Read further → Conditioners of various colour scale from Chigo — splitsitema

NEWS OF THE COMPANI Information conditioners not happen much, quali of the maintenanc materials an
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