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Modular cars Lennox, — air conditioners

Catalogue Lennox 2011 - 2012.

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    , — The brand of climatic technics based in 1895 in Marshaltaun known American-frantsuzky — the State of Iowa (USA).
    Dejv Lennoks, — the founder of the company with the same name on manufacture, installation and maintenance of industrial integral cooling systems, including чиллеров, фанкойлов and

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central air conditioners, the equipment catalogue

The central air conditioners Lennox, is and:

  • VRV,
  • VRV systems,
  • VRV, and also
  • Modular cars Lennox, — integral cooling systems.
Modular cars: on the basis of system VRV

Modular cars: on the basis of system VRV

Household air conditioners, split-systems of wall type Lennox to download the catalogue

Since 2002 under much numerical requests and demands of the market of air-conditioning company Lennox started to release household air conditioners, split-systems of wall type Lennox.

    Company Lennox, — is the leading manufacturer of climatic technics with growing volumes of sale, for today Lennox, is more than 3 billion euro in a company commodity output annually.

Lennox, — the country the manufacturer of the climatic equipment, the central and precision air-conditioning Lennox:

  • Czechia, — the central air conditioners Lennox, — приточные and exhaust propulsion systems.
  • Spain, — industrial channel air conditioners Lennox, фанкойлы
  • France, — чиллеры Lennox, руф. Tops, compressor and gang capacitors, cooling towers
  • Italy, — precision air conditioners Lennox.
  • The

  • USA, — compressor and gang capacitors Lennox, — the American manufacture

Air conditioners Lennoks are the present Frenchman. An elegant and unsurpassed delicacy in design of air conditioners Lennox, — give you not only французкое mood, but also a cool of Arctic regions. Even penguins do not die of heat with our air conditioners from solar France - сплит systems Lennoks.

To download catalogue Lennox 2011 — 2012