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Lessar, — the successful, dynamically developing company represents catalogues of products for 2010 — 2013

It is free of charge possible not only download the catalogue of products of the company, ноо and to take pleasure in a virtual cool from air conditioners лессар. The real cool gets to your dwelling only after purchasing at us this unpretentious and reliable split-system.To download the catalogue of household split-systems Lessar, — the free offer of a site split-Rostov.

If you long choose to yourselves the air conditioner and  cannot be defined and dare at purchasing of the expensive device of cooling in any way, our council idle time:

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The catalogue: split-system Lessar 2013—2014... We present to you quality and we justify expectations, — the motto of company  Lessar, successful and prospering. To download free of charge catalogue of a season of 2013—2014, it is very simple... Push the reference lessar_2013.rar

The catalogue of air conditioners lessar to download

Lessar 2010

    Lessar ™ considers interests of a wide range of users — from the private customer to the professional assembly organisations — and meets the highest demands.

Modern innovative production engineering Lessar

    The Japanese compressor and the high class-room of power-savings do climatic technics

Лессар, — more attractive in the ratio the price-quality. Modern innovative production engineering did not avoid and Lessar.Lessar, — quality at the comprehensible price | to Download catalogues of air conditioners Lessar

It both the plasma filter, and ionisation both the base complete equipment of air conditioners, and noiseless work at the maximum loadings. Yes, what there tell you all it can to read in catalogues of climatic equipment Lessar.

Lessar, — the catalogue of air conditioners for past 2011 — 2012

To download the catalogue of an industrial cold of Lessar.

Lessar, — the catalogue of air conditioners for 2011 — 2012.

    In the catalogue for 2009 detailed descriptions about company Lessar, as a trading brand of climatic technics, places of assemblage of air conditioners Lessar, the description of factories on manufacture of split-systems are given.
    In the catalogue for 2011—2015 total characteristics as on company home appliances, ак and on industrial refrigerating machinery Lessar are given more, is chillery-fankojly, freezing cars, VRV central airs and air coolings.

To download the catalogue lessar_2009.rar Refrigerating machines lessar_2011.rar