Models of conditioners Dantex ™, is Vega, Classic, Corso, Robot


Models of conditioners Dantex ™, is Vega, Classic, Corso, Robot

Dantex ™. Conditioners,  systems Danteks in Rostov Lineup systems and conditioners Dantex. Dantex ™, — Vega, Classic, Corso, Robot

Dantex ™. Conditioners,  systems Danteks in Rostove_na_Donu. The Lineup systems and conditioners Dantex.
Dantex Vega


Dantex, conditioners Danteks, — split-systems of an average price segment of the climatic market.

The Rostov conditioners presented in the Rostov market have a wide choice, but choosing  we choose comfortable life of a megacity.

  • Dantex-Vega,
  • Dantex-Classic,
  • Dantex-Corso,
  • Dantex-Robot.

The Rostov heat should not take us unawares. Such Heat what happens at us it is impossible to suffer in the summer.
Let's meet in all natural anomalies we buy conditioners Dantex.

Dantex Vega.

Factory Chigo — China, compressor Sanyo, — RK-07SEG, RK-09SEG, RK-12SEG, RK-18SEG, RK-24SEG. Compressor Toshiba,
Dantex-Vega, — the brightest star + plasma the filter...

Alternative designations and marks RK-07SEG, RK-09SEG, RK-18SEG, RK-24SEG.
Compressor Sanyo, established on Danteks-Vega are considered as one of the most reliable.

Trade mark of Danteks, production certification.
Certificate ТМ

As an example: — compressor Sanyo stand on conditioners Fujitsu, General-Fujitsu, Fuji.

These are qualitative, reliable and very durable conditioners.
Split-system Danteks Vega is equipped three. — step system of a filtration and plasma-filter.

... is a care of cleanliness of air at your office, a trading floor, in your apartment, in a bedroom.
Hence conditioner Danteks cares as a result not only of a cool, but also about our health.

 Dantex Classic

Dantex-Classic, — RK-09SRCN, RK-07SRCN, RK-18SRCN, RK-12SRCN, RK-24SRCN.

The classical design both invariable and excellent quality of Danteks the classic, — these qualities do its attractive.

Dantex Classic are made at factory of climatic technics, — factory
AUX GROUP compressor Sanyo.

Certification of conditioners Dantex
The certificate of conditioners Dantex

Factory AUX, — is famous for the traditions of quality and the reliable partner. A guarantee on technician Danteks from factory of climatic technics AUX — groups — 3 years.

The certificate of conditioners Dantex
Other, similar names Dantex Classic, — RK-07 SRCN, RK-09 SRCN, RK-12 SRCN, RK-18 SRCN, RK-24 SRCN.

Dantex Classic, — standard decisions and classical design

The modernist style, and other flavouring delicacy come and leave, and the classics — is eternal.
Quite good choice the price quality, — Dantex Classic. ИМХО.
Management on installation systems.

In the given management detailed and detailed instructions with the dimensional, assembly sizes of conditioners Dantex are resulted. Corso, PlazaSLM

Dantex Corso, — factory Mideja China compressor Midea, Matsu.

Dantex Corso

Dantex Corso, — RK-07SDM2N, RK-09SDM2N, RK-12SDM2N,

RK-18SDM2N, Dantex RK-24SDM2N, RK-30SDM2N, RK-36SDM2N.
(China) compressor Midea, Matsu.
Inverternye models of split-systems Dantex Robot, — inverter RK-09SRM, RK-12SRM or Dantex RK-09 SRM, Dantex RK-12 SRM.
Itself clearing of systems of a filtration, besides and automatic removal of garbage from the internal block сплит systems.
And cost of conditioners you can learn the prices having followed the link in a site cap.