Fujitsu General, — two brands which:: series ASY


  1. Fujitsu or Fujitsu General, what difference


  1. quality standards and new characteristics
  2. Tectonic fracture of consciousness


  1. superiority Fujitsu — 7/9/12/18 FSBCW
  2. Durablis legend
  3. That. The demonstration dock.

Fujitsu and Fujitsu General rulers ASY (ASH) 7/9/12/18 USBCW, — breakthrough to the new quality standards and мощностных characteristics

Fujitsu and Fujitsu General rulers ASY-ASH 7/9/12/18 USBCW

Fujitsu ASY-ASH 7/9/12/18 USBCW

Fujitsu (Fujitsu General) — models ASY (ASH) 7/9/12/18 FSBCW

Emersion given ASY (ASH) 7/9/12/18 FSBCW series of air conditioners from ruler Fujitsu, is present tectonic and climatic shift.

Climate legends, — so we named given, ASY (ASH) 7/9/12/18 USBCW, model of air conditioners, it:

  • Fujitsu (General) ASY — ASH 7 USBCW,
  • Фуджитсу (General) ASY — ASH 9 Fsbcw,
  • Fujitsu (General) asy — ash 12 fsbcw,
  • Fujitsu (General) ASY — ASH 18 USBCW.

Consciousness shift as a tectonic fracture

Climatic tractor

Climatic tractor

Shift of consciousness at keps and purchasers of climatic technics (air conditioners, split-systems) towards perfection as qualitative and мощностных characteristics of air conditioners of a brand of Fudzhitsu.

Difference and superiority Fujitsu

Interdictions and оганичения on installation сплит systems, is важноо the nobility and to apply at installation of split-systems.
Air conditioners of the given series differ improbably ergonomic and elegant design, with precipitancy and success notes. Successful model of air conditioners Fujitsu improbably hardy to differences of voltage and climatic abnormalities.

Durablis and legendary

Legendary durability of air conditioners Fujitsu (Fujitsu General), is the unsurpassed quality proved by a time, both assemblages of air conditioners, and entering accessories and components.


technical demonstration, — that. Characteristics

Let's compare the catalogue

Let's compare the catalogue

You can both to look, and to choose air conditioner Fujitsu or Fujitsu General, it you can downloading the equipment catalogue, so climatic equipment of Fudzhitsu kindly presented by the with the same name company.