Leaders of sales among air conditioners of the class-room


  1. Running model Fujitsu of series ASY (ASH) USCCW
  2. The

  3. standard complete equipment: anything superfluous
  4. Feats of Fudzhitsu, — ...
  5. High standards: current consumption and speed of ventilation

Fujitsu ™ ASY (ASH) 7/9/12/18 USCCW, — the most running model with excellent ,characteristics.

Fujitsu the standard complete equipment, — classics mustered by a time.

Fujitsu, Fujitsu General series ASY or ASH 7/9/12/18/24/30 U

Fujitsu ™ (Fujitsu General) — models ASY or ASH 7/9/12/18/24/30 U.

Fujitsu the standard complete equipment, — anything superfluous and affected, strict classical design and elegant forms, and also the highest reliability confirmed with a time. It those qualities, the leaders who have made Japanese air conditioners Fujitsu of sales in the class-room of Japanese air conditioners.

Veterans of a climate, — so name mustered by a time, ASY (ASH) 7/9/12/18 USCCW, model of air conditioners, it:

  • Fujitsu or General ASY (ASH) — ASH 7 USCCW,
  • Фуджитсу (General) ASY/ash — ASH 9 U,
  • Fujitsu (General) asy — ash 12 U,
  • Fujitsu (General) ASY — ASH 18 usccw.

Historical feat of a long-liver.

Yes, so, air conditioners Fudzhitsu of the given series — the veteran of a climatic ruler, are all nuances ground to a fines and a flow process lapse.

Anything superfluous — simplicity and reliability made air conditioners Fujitsu ASY 7/9/12/18/24/30 U, leaders of sales in the Japanese market of climatic technics.

Climatic legend | your reliable partner — Fujitsu (Japan).

About reliability and durability of air conditioners Fujitsu, in the homeland, in the country of a rising sun (Japan), there are tall stories and fables.
The numerous winner of competitions «Air conditioner of year», assemblage of awards and prizes, but the main thing — a stable consumer demand.

ASY 7/9/12/18/24/30 U, — that. Characteristics of model of the given series.

Technical and opeating characteristics of air conditioners Fujitsu, Fujitsu General series 7/9/12/18 USCCW

Fujitsu — that. Characteristics

  • Overall dimensions and weight,
  • Current consumption and speed of ventilation,
  • Functionality and technical datas,
  • — About it and many other things, you can learn attentively studying the given table of possibilities of air conditioner Fujitsu, Fujitsu General series 7/9/12/18 USCCW.