GoldStar-Life: real economy


Economic air conditioner GoldStar-Life: real economy

  1. It is possible to save: Gold-star series Life.
  2.  The wall fell.
  3.  Cheaply and economically.
  4. Such air it is possible to breathe
  5.  Gold-Star-Life: that. Characteristics.

It is possible to save: to choose model of split-system Gold-star of series Life

As well as on what it is possible to save at air conditioner purchasing? To choose model of split-system Gold-Star as much as possible approached not only excellent quality, but also at the reasonable price, in our opinion is Gold-star series Life.

Appearance сплит systems goldstar_life



 The wall and the price fell

At last the wall of obstructions fell and we waited, when both quality of air conditioners and a price position of the company of the producer came nearer more close to the people.

A series of air conditioners Life distinguish an assurance of factory of the manufacturer is 4 years, low cost.

Vitoria is a victory, but with prefix Life, is an easy victory over competitors in a low price range, yes the space is filled by something, but against air conditioner GoldStar-Life it is hollow.

Inexpensive but economic

Inexpensive and economic air conditioners of series Life from the Korean producer Gold-Star it:

  • GSWH07-NB1A — «Seven»;
  • GSWH09-NB1A — «Nine»;
  • GSWh32-NB1A — «Twelfth»;
  • GSWh38-NB1A — «Eighteenth»;
  • GSWH24-NB1A — «24».

The highest parametre of power-efficiency among split-systems of the given price segment. Cheaply, but  it is economic … it really and all Gold-Star series GSWH (Life).

On what it is impossible to save, it on the characteristics, new possibilities of split-systems GoldStar-Life

New possibilities of split-systems GoldStar-Life

Gold — star (Life), such air it is possible to breathe …

The system of clearing and air conditioner filtering allows us to breathe a full breast without reflecting on quality of an air mix, such pure air it is possible to breathe without reflecting.

5 step system of a filtering, — Pure Air air passes filters of three types:


    • charcoal filter, — eliminates odours and neutralises harmful and toxic substances-suspensions in an air mix,


    • biofilter, — kills many bacteria and annihilates opposite viruses, the biofilter so neutralises and deodorizes that which air medium we breathe,
    • Plasma-filter, — quantity of a dust, detrimental impurities, concentration of harmful gases, after passage through plasma-filter considerably decreases.

    These qualities the economic air conditioner with new possibilities Gold-Star (Life) also differs.

    Gold-Star-Life: air conditioner technical datas


     Power of split-system of kw. Overall dimensionsAir of m. a cube/ch
     Cold Heat эл. Consumption внутр. The block Level sound давл.
    Split-system of wall type the table of technical datas | Gold-Star series Life
     GSWH07-NB1A 2200 2350 0,79 kw 730*255*17340/35/30/25 дб 400
     GSWH09-NB1A 2600 2850 0,81 kw 730*255*173 40/35/32/27 дб. 450
     GSWh32-NB1A 3200 3500 0,97 kw 791*265*177 42/38/35/29 дб. 550
     GSWh38-NB1A 4700 4950 1,63 kw845*275*186 45/42/37/33 дб. 750
     GSWH24-NB1A 6500 7050 2,16 kw 900*314*220 46/44/39/37 дб. 900

    Characteristics Gold-Star-Life
    *The quantity of freon is specified for a route in length no more 5м. At increase in length of a route it is necessary to refuel the air conditioner
    In calculation 15 г on 1 m of length of a fluid-flow pipe for models productivity of 2,0 and 2,6 kw and 30г on 1м for model 3,2 of kw and more.
    ** Current of a cut-off not less than 7 Iн (Iн – a nominal consumed current), a current of leak no more 30мА, the characteristic of switching-off «With»
    Consecutive installation of the automatic cut-out and УЗО matching face values is admitted
    In the table the data for temperature conditions according to ISO 5151-94 is cited:
    — A refrigerating duty inside 27 °С (DB)/19 °C (WB), outside 35 °С (DB)/24 °C (WB)
    — A heating regime inside 20 °С (DB)/15 °C (WB), outside 7 °С (DB)/6 °C (WB)

     In turn for Gold-Stak as behind sausage

    Whether there are turns behind air conditioners Gold-Star-Life, yes happen, sometimes ends in a fight, as for колбасою in Soviet period as the quantity of the delivered goods is not in time behind a growing demand … the familiar word deficiency is remembered.

    Whether there are turns behind air conditioners GoldStar-Life, yes happen

    In turn behind economical air conditioners GoldStar-Life

    If you were tired to save on yourselves favourite and want to get split-system of worthy quality your sampling is Goldstar-lajf occupy turn.

     Trends to depreciation

    Drop not only walls and overlappings, or paternal people storm as on the Maidan shops with sign-board Gold-Star? Because that the prices for split-systems of the given brand continue trends to depreciation and become so attractive that the people on bondage want to save the roubles.

    For inexpensive, is and there is that long-awaited economy not only roubles but also the electric power, thus gaining huge колличество an expected cool.

    Such air free from Majdanutyh of radicals and various suspended matters it is possible to breathe well and easily, with it to us helps сплит Goldstar.

     To the gold spider of hope

    Production engineering and that the characteristic of an integral cooling system of air Gold-is old, lead us sooner or later to the gold spider of hope, at last to stand in turn in our modern world of abundance and a prosperity.