Daikin Industries, Ltd


  1. Daikin Industries, Ltd, — certificates, factories manufacturers of production daikin.
  2. Secret Daikin (Daichi), Daikin Industries, Ltd.
  3. Product Certification Daikin.
  4. The

  5. secret is opened.

Daikin Industries, Ltd, — certificates, factories manufacturers of production daikin

Secret Daikin (Daichi), Daikin Industries, Ltd.

Daikin, — certificates and standards. Дайкин completely corresponds to technical requirements to production.
Хм... What to find production certification on conditioners Dajkin Daichi, — it was necessary to work much. I admit, is it has appeared not simply.
Why such secret???

Factories manufacturers of production Daikin.

Factories manufacturers of production Daikin.

I will not understand. The impression is made that the capacities on manufacture of conditioners as and are not present those. Yes there is factory Fudzhitsu with compressor base of Sanio.

Certification of production Dajkin Daichi, — conditioners, cooling household appliances.

daikin certification

Daikin does and did copies — a rebrending from conditioners Fudzhitsu, yes plastic and design like as differ, but a conditioner stuffing, we will softly tell strongly similar on Fujitsu, Fujitsu General, — so company Dajkin earlier worked.

Who actually argues?

To me as to the inhabitant the analogy to vacuum cleaners Kirbi (Kirby) involuntarily arises. Very good and necessary vacuum cleaner, costs much, and certification of production Kirby and sanitary passports from mister Onishchenko, — not to find.

What is? In what a problem?

I will not understand, on an official site of the company url: www.daikin.ru, —

Daikin Industries, Ltd it is written: Daikin Europe has affiliated companies in Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, France,

Manufacturers Dajkin. The certificate. №2

The certificate. №2

Belgium, to Poland, the Central Europe.

I will not understand why have not specified, what Daikin Europe NV, — the ordinary holding company with the European capital?

On idea, if a brand so good and claimed qualitatively distinctive documents first of all should be shown, but... What does Dajkin hide?

    On an official site of the company the country the manufacturer of conditioners daikin on a bar code, — the Netherlands! In as, in Holland conditioners Daikin become, well in the end that of the ends not all — smoke any muck. It is so much нестыковок, I in perplexity continue search.

Daikin (Daichi). Product Certification Daikin.

  • American UL certification
  • National Inspection-Exempted Product Certification
  • Hong Kong S-MARK Certification
  • Chinese Daikin Industries, Ltd | Compulsory Certification (3C Certification)
  • Chinese Energy-saving Product Certification
  • European Daikin Economic Community Daikin-CE Certification
  • Daikin Industries, Ltd, — Environmental Label Certification
  • Germany TUV Certification
  • Daikin Industries, — RoHS directive
  • European energy Daikin Industries, Ltd | consumption label
  • ETL certification Daikin.
  • Australian energy consumption label
  • ISO9001 (2000) Quality System Certification
  • Technical Institute Of Physics and Chemistry CAS
  • Antibacterial certification
  • CB Testing Report Daikin Industries
  • GS Certification
  • Australian c-tick authentication
  • Sauda Dajkin Arabian SASO Certification
  • WEEE directive
  • Daikin, — NOM certification

Daikin Industries, Ltd | the Certificate дайкин

Secret Daikin (Daichi) is opened.

    Secret Daikin (Daichi) is opened, all certificates дайкина were, «underground» factories Daikin were showed.


All the same in vain I compared conditioners Daikin Industries, Ltd. With хвалёными but inutile vacuum cleaners Kirbi (Kirby). Has got excited.

But, to it, my nihilism and scepticism there is a justification. Us, Russian people, so much time deceived and made a fool that any more do not trust anybody and not to that are not surprised.Daikin Industries, Ltd, — certificates, factories manufacturers of production daikin.


    You do not trust to manufacturers and sellers of conditioners


Even photos of factories Daikin and company Dajkin Daikin Industries floor spaces, Ltd., — there can be a photoshop.

Probably all.
Probably, as our elegant president D.Medvedev, — the woman, after successfully performed unique operation of transformation, and all this «Miracle» of transformations becomes at factories Daikin.
Miracles... The Good fortune дайкин has found.

History continuation: Daikin changes the name on... «Сталинград»