Repair: KFR practical guidance on derangements


Repair: KFR practical guidance on derangements

Models: KFR-32GW/BP, KFR-45LW / D, KFR-3502GW/BP, KFR-2501GW, KFR-45LW, KFR-3301GW, KFR-3201GWCPU, KFR-2608GW/BP

Models: KFR-2608GW/BP

Wind how sweetly to observe, cooling and the air-conditioning, three in one.

Wind how sweetly to observe, cooling and the air-conditioning, three in one.

Symptom: there is no heating, but to work out of the compressor the ventilating fan the Reason does not work: Muster the ventilating fan and found work outside of the car, the press does not work, measurements power module PN-U, V, W between normal and duplicate test by authority Car P, N voltage between normal, U, V, W between normal the output voltage can push does not work, switch out to a press after winding measurement makes nearby 1,3, initial suspicions a cylinder press card, the exhaust system, a coolant after the air conditioner of the test car After press former does not work on a press card to define the cylinder with new a press plug-in U, V, W and try to start the car press, to put new to the press after metering-in R22 after air to the test car the answer of heating the air conditioner to normal life.
Models: KFR-2701GW/BP
Symptom: There is no derangement of the timer: with opened unit setting point is observed in region where the outdoor block is installed with 380V the transformer, a cable television and the earphone a transition window, these special high-frequency diffusings of electromagnetic waves together, represent a powerful source помехового a signal that does the processor still cannot correctly transmit signals, the car serviceable condition will work in an abnormal condition.

The remote arrangement is casual, therefore the internal block can accept signals properly to overcome handicapes, a usual method of repair work: the user has been installed since summer, always there is from time to time a switch phenomenon. Replacement of the shield a door some times, and behind its limits of a board, the remote-control station, are void. The remote-control station on casual opening a concrete place, normal models of air conditioners: KFR-7208LW / D
Derangement of the phenomenon: sounds unusual and circulation less than three minutes prior to reason switching-off: the analysis it is possible in three ways:
The cylinder a press card, called the maximum current protection;
Secondly, poor the alternating current contactor therefore the current is too great;
Thirdly, installation of the reasons, as a result of abnormal a method of inspectorate press noise: the test the test car, the air conditioner for adjustment of a regime of heating, out of the car to hear freon in the internal block works, circulation loudly

Moreover, use of a crimped lock of type of the ampermeter the test 25А, the maximum operating current of protection 17.6A, is the protection press, replacement AC the contactor, derangement to the test car remains, detection of derangements with hardly any trouble at all, the suspected cylinder of a press card that is why that the car has been just installed, it also the prospective reason of installation, and on careful check, a line is connected correctly, acknowledging and then to muster, high and low the valve does not open that the sound leads incorrect protection of the press of an overloading on a current.

Model: KFR-3201GW

Symptom: internal noise, a rumble to the reasons a rumble an undershooting: first, to instal the reason: the compact internal block does not conduct to a body and a resonance of a wall of a plate, the Air filter not a good card;
Secondly, because the car: deviation focus are called a distributing frame the ventilating fan, in the puncture ventilating fan, from propeller bearings the bad rumble, a transformer rumble г are called;
Thirdly, the anthropogenous reasons,
Fourthly, wall structure, massive walls and hollow walls.
Repair a method: to ask uses of the user which has been just installed and just moved to live in, and then started to test the car, on the first sound a ventilating fan rumble according to principles service, first of all muster the internal block the card filter hangs dense,

  • It is good that all is normal, and then carefully to listen to this sound as it is supposed, during a rumble of the motor of the ventilating fan, but to put the new motor of the ventilating fan, Is still buzzs, but the phenomenon is not eliminated, replace the transformer does not help, casually, touch for the pipeline small vibrations are detected, homoeopathic an ear to keep a wall, instant a sound is not present, this opening of the user led to a wall with hollow a resonance of a wall of a pipe.

Resonate adjustments.
Model: KFR-3301GW
Symptom: the Car not the reasons of failure of a food: all experience is not switched on, at first muster fell, broken, in opinion, there is no such phenomenon, and then by means of a multimeter to muster an input voltage 220 In, normal, muster in the car the Transformer of any faults, an internal safety lock to a board, the thermistor to burn, in an assay value of the reasons this error can be called that voltage exceeds 250 In, it can lead also to a rectifier fault if the block 7805 more than 5 In, the computer the Block also can be damaged.
Method repair: replacement for users within the limits of Council, the car works normally.

Models: KFR-5001LW/BP

Symptom: the Error does not work in the car: the user reflects an undershooting, because of a new installed capacity by estimations, is not the big problem. On a place the inspectorates showing the loading shield, we notice, the display which shows frequency did not change the compressor to see outside of the car, beginning out of the ventilating fan still turns, but were shut down after a while, touch a high pressure pipe, there is temperature change, undoubtedly no press of work by means of the distant switch the sensing transducer a key to open self-testings of diagnostic, displays of faults “5 ″ for communication failure, muster, inside and outside of the car 12В

Alarm line and land voltage that inside and outside of the car signals properly, a self-diagnostics reuse, derangement an inscription “28 ″ for protection of the module of a food and, thus, out of the crash car on the module.
Service: Opened out of the car, opinion that an external line filter off an excitation signal of a pay and the modules connected of an alarm line, the test car as usual.
Models: KFR-3501GW/BP
Symptom: After loading, the short operating time, out of the car does not work.
The reason: cars are installed from a time span from the user to reflect coolings effect good, be convinced that the loading car

The test in some minutes, outside the car does not work, the pressure measured outside of a normal operation of the car, any wrong voltage and a current work, to switch out external cars and to be loaded, but after several minutes out of the car and to start to shut down, detection of derangements about Times of cold protection, therefore to a test tube in the car when resistance temperature on 25 grades on Celsius nearby 50 clod, obviously, is too great. And the form original car sensing transducers different to replace temperature tubes inside

Cars, the test car after normal models: KFR-5001LW / D

Symptom: Remote it is not loaded the failure reasons: for reflexion the user with the remote-control station is not switched on the air conditioner and other air conditionings in the remote-control station (the same model) works properly, it is suspected in the display insufficiency, to replace the display, and then to observe of air conditioner work normal and detected fluorescent light, and light especially strongly, to switch out any of Jizhan, light is relaxed, the remote-control station works normally, all opened, errors in the remote monitoring system repeat some times tried a case of conducting of consultations of users, lose Jizhan luminescent, the air conditioner works normally.

Model: KFR-26G / Vt х 2
Symptom: a noise Error: outdoor pollution excessive heating of the evaporator operation, therefore noise.
Repair by a method: when noise starts to work normal 20-30 minutes after noise increases, the beginning of the outdoor block that is caused by vibration of an internal pipe, is fixed from rubber cement, reducing sound start, but works during some time, then gradually increase large external the ventilating fan engine block disconnect the fork, a sound considerably decreases, it is replaced after the test car still works during some time after noise increases, careful observation over industrial medium out of the car, evaporator clearing the outdoor block, noise to the test car of cancellation.

Models: KFR-2602GW/BP

Symptom: cooling effect poor the failure reasons: speed of the ventilating fan is retarded, therefore the evaporator effect of heat exchange of a variation, and directly led the evaporator of a frost of a surface.
Repair a method: to begin hour or about that, good work, refrigerating properly, speed of a wind is gradually retarded, there is no cold wind, open the panel in the car, the evaporator has Nianman cream

, And ventilating fan work. The measured coolings pressure of the agent normally, not in a fluorine deficiency. Attentively observed of speed of twirl of the ventilating fan of the propeller gradually working hours decrease, try to replace the ventilating fan works normally.
Models: KFR-5001LW/AD
Symptoms: the reheat temperature fluctuated the failure reasons: the outlet temperature from low to authority a heater does not work to replace to a pay in the car of resistance of the temperature transmitter a little, simplis form closed maintenances.
Repair by a method: the car works normally, but in the car the outlet temperature is measured more low, pressure is measured in norm, expels possibility of a deficiency of fluorine. To begin show in an hour, the outlet temperature is measured is still low. Open the panel in the car, the electric heater does not work, the test not 220V the power module, connections of lines, the effect is not obvious, to replace to a pay inside hollow, and then to replace the electric radiator, remains in the force, measured in limits to a board were normal. The measured coils of the temperature transmitter resistance is observed too little, replacement, normal the test car, heating is good.
Models: KFR-2608GW/BP
Symptom: Failure out of the car does not work: testing the closed block of a leading-out normally, DC300 the pay outside of normal, flickers the food indicator, the terminal is measured by power, DC15V is normal, DC5V there is voltage, no pre-power problems to the circuit design of tests rectifier diode D4. Voltage low, regulator U1 9,5 or about that to remove suspects adverse a return coupling control measure photon-coupled pair PC3 that has short feet.

Service: Replace test PC3 a car coupler properly.
Service Experience: flickers the food indicator, with the direction an output voltage, from time to time, L7805 to the rectifier, the regulator open-circuit voltage should not be failure, use of switching of a feed circuit, therefore original a return coupling has crucial importance, PC3 photon-coupled pair U1 of a regulator and if There are questions therefore the food pulsed source does not work properly therefore voltage on an exit is not normal.

Model: KFR-12002LW / D
Symptom: the car is not started, are not represented on the shield of a cause of a failure: first, because the car, the bad transformer, a current to a board is defective, in the display do not show;
Secondly, because the circuit design, voltage of abnormality would lead to burning of components the mixed are installed in fire line, a zero, land.

  • Repair by a method: just bought the car, to open the internal block, test of the transformer opened, the plug-in is not loaded, the fire-alarm, the zero-two-line 216V voltage, a supply voltage of the house user is 230, for the test car of the transformer, the car simply to suck the relay together, flash the display, automatic shut down to replace to a pay in the car,

Derangement is not eliminated, finally the suspect electric problems, muster access installations to a member of land wrongly to make a zero line, but land not to call back land, to adjust a line.
Service Experience: it is necessary to pay attention to the internal block of the zero line, similar to an undershooting, first of all muster fire, a zero chain of voltage a problem, a zero line of the internal block problems, fire lines when the internal block of incorrectly zero line, the transformer will burn, even in frameworks to a board a zero line connected to land are connected to wrong, the air switch operates, the display will automatically flicker is disconnected; correctness of connection of fire of null 220В lines.
Models: KFR-5001LW/BP

  • Symptom: the car does not work, a cause of defect: the point of view found in heating when the air conditioner always in a holding pattern, because of self-diagnostics an inscription “5 ″ communication failure, to use a multimeter for measurement out of the car has no electricity, out of the car in the car to send a signal specifying in the car not a problem, initial the judge out of the car

The big board badly to replace external plates, the test car in a normal state, but also downwards with a shell, and then to try derangement is not eliminated, the suspect of a new part also there can be problems, repeatedly replacement the big plate, the test car or not, that things not outside of a car director's console, and, at last, found two bridges of silicon on lines and colours not the same instructions.
Repair a method: to return to normal after repeated a home straight.
Models: KFR-120LW/BD
Symptom: the car does not work, a cause of defect: muster that air central air, warmly always is in a holding pattern, on the shield there is no authority of loading the display, the car is not started, muster dwellings authority of the user of a food in norm, it can be primary suspected the bad transformer in the car, nevertheless, measurement the transformer not a problem, but the car works or authorities, but after a while we detected that 10-27 indicator of a food that a pay in the thermistor can be defective, at thermal resistance measurement, and found in a board and between broken to a line of the display.
Repair by a method: repeated connection of the car to normal after a test line

Model: KFR-3301GW / D
Symptom: When closed speed of the ventilating fan high and low the failure reasons: the role of the internal block of a pipe of the temperature transmitter is temperature gathering indoors pipes of the block and signal temperature in a voltage signal that warmly a signal, the processor within the limits of the management program so that speed of twirl of the ventilating fan of change, in communication in premises of a pipe of the temperature transmitter in a regime of heating from the room block of a pipe at temperature change, in initial start did not appear when a tube the temperature attains certain temperature when derangement has been shown. To change a temperature transmitter arrangement also Respective alteration of a size of resistance for control of speed of twirl of the ventilating fan.

Repair by a method: normal speed of loading, work of 20 minutes after a wind fluctuated the phenomenon, and a growth operating time, as more and more frequent symptoms, measuring transformers and the ventilating fan propeller normally Retest the capacitor ventilating fan normal again loading failure.

The phenomenon repeats. The idle time, measured the internal and outdoor temperature transmitter of a pipe in norm. To try to take the internal temperature transmitter of a pipe about approximately 40 minutes after start above symptoms., and then to try to take the sensing transducer of a tube of temperature 1 / 2 works within 60 minutes after above symptoms, do not delete all the temperature transmitter in premises of the evaporator of an elbow, to start in 2 hours after a situation remains normal.
Maintenance service of a reason and the stored experience: to change an original pipe the setting point temperature transmitter it is used in heating systems if the outdoor air temperature lowers affecting of a frost after, and the matching expanded powers in a holding pattern (7-10 minutes), the user can easily lead psychological stimulus to change its resistance as temperature changes so slowly some, till the summer, cooling does not affect it, still it is necessary to find out. R and D department it has been published on the Internet, KFR-3301GW, KFR-3201GWCPU replacement of the advice about technical innovations, it is directed on abbreviation of an interior work of the ventilating fan of noise decrease in its speed, per se, is, but change is in limits of the processor for reading and record to the original program, to change this conducting the arrangement of temperature transmitters, other starting point, the same purpose.
Model: KFR-45LW / D
Symptom: long loadings the air conditioner of cooling effect poor the Reason: opened the test pressure as 0.41mpa, to take the temperature air makes coolings of system 15 ℃, muster the filter serious pollution (cleaning is not installed yet), the pure filter after air-conditioning sufficient fluoride to 0.5Mpa, the user after use during a long time to reflect so effective, at installation, muster the ventilating fan propeller works correctly, but air stream on an exit more internal block from each other and found the small internal block of the evaporator нефтешламов on a mud, serious lodgements in the car the socket, considerably decreases in the heat exchange evaporator therefore in quiet air not well after evaporator clearing, reboot for cooling restoration.
Repair methods: the washing machine in the evaporator Model: KFR-3201GW
Symptom: the reinserted cars in the car very strong high-frequency reasons of noise of failure: noise the situation should be based on following aspects:

  • 1, a press of vibration of noise;
  • 2, walls not firm, stable to stand it is not called by installation;
  • 3, walls to a pay in the car not strong,
  • 4, it is installed in the car not on a place

. The inspectorate detected that at installation of the pipeline because of too strong to draw the vibration transferred through noise outside of the car a resonance closed noise of the evaporator, in a combination to pressure of a time of heating is high, therefore more and more noise at heating the big.
Service: Adjust a line of elimination of derangements.
Models: KFR-60LW/BP
Symptom: Guiji in the car for work outside of the car does not work, a cause of a failure: the user reflect air conditioners of cooling effect poor, to muster cars enter in the car for work outside of the car does not work. An exit of the inspection car of voltage within the norm, measured between an alarm line and a zero line swinging the arm, showing that the starting signal was suspects for foreign failure of the car. After replacement to an external plate derangement is not eliminated, muster voltage in norm, there was presumably a signal for an interior of a leading-out of errors of the panel to help to replace a benchboard in the car, derangement to the test car still exists, after the careful analysis a signal chain, gaining the first suspects of an accepted error signal. There are two more alternatives: one for removed errors the sender of a signal of management. The next undershooting for the addressee. Replacement of the remote-control station after the first failure remains, replace a director's console after the test car in a normal race course.
Service: Replace Model of the switch of the panel: KFR-3301GW
Symptom: bad heating, the outdoor ventilating fan to begin in five minutes after a stop of the propeller, a stop of the compressor from the failure reason: About the mechanism to start in five minutes after the hot, outdoor ventilating fan the propeller it is shut down, and tens minutes after a compressor stop works, replace a master of a plate and a pipe thermal sensitive failures the resistor remains. Low 2.1MPa pressures, at measurement out of a stop of the ventilating fan and pressure 2.8MPa, when the compressor from a stop. Refrigerating work normally, but a high pressure of heating of protection of trumpet system can be blocked. Inspectorates detected that heating capillary and cloging of the filter service: replacement capillary to restart normal installation and starting-up and adjustment works

Model: KFR-45LW
Symptom: the Play of cooling and heating a regime of heating of derangement: instruction heating always on four directions of the government the valve, measurement of a terminal block about the four-running valve in the car is authority, there is a suspicion that in limits a board to be bad, replace the onboard computer derangement remains. Measured still the four-running valve voltage of the coil 220 In an alternating current that testifies to power is connected till now with that, the terminal or cars on a line reached four running valve, detach to a terminal block of a line of the car without measurement of short circuit the phenomenon, that a problem what even line cars, the measuring machine conformity with the ventilating fan a line and land has not been found between stability to null, the four-running valve between the coil and land too 0, the problem consists according to the car, muster, what even line cars were bitten by a bad method of repair: Repeated the connected lines, normal sauce well after model

To the test car: KFR-3301GW/BP
Symptom: Power Trip the Reason: It is air conditioner to buy very long, also have been used, recently through the power module, loading on a trip, out of the car to define the reason or the reasons in the car, lines independent opened, is outside of the car to define the reasons, and then to test the module, the big plate, silicon of the bridge rectifier, 3 minutes of silicon measured by means of a multimeter the bridge is opened, a principal cause of switching-off of a food.
Service: Replacement of silicon of the bridge rectifier, try the car.
Models: KFR-5001LW/BP
Symptom: cooling effect poor Failure: come to muster the car works, but works in a low frequency range, to muster the power module 213V to normal, an outlet temperature of 18 grades, temperature on an entry in 24 grades, an operating current 6А, refrigerating working pressure 0.5Mpa, instead of force of high-frequency Kaj. Working pressure the fixed frequency 0.4Mpa operations, cooling of the agent does not suffice. Then to pull out the exhaust tube the exhaust temperature transmitter, car test drive on nominal frequency of work 9.5A. Working pressure 0.3Mpa to replace external sensing transducers of exhaust fume the turbine, the car works normally, cooling effect is normal.
Service: Replacement exhaust temperature transmitter Model: KC-19 /
Symptom: About the mechanism works it is correctly warm the first some hours, then heating up to poor, the socket not hot, closed, and sometimes and outdoor air temperatures to represent on the shield of 16 grades below null.
The reason, installed on a floor, in a wood environment, and the outdoor block fastens to northern wall when outdoor temperature low, high humidity, the mechanism warm for a long time, to open, because defrosting each time not completely that the computer leads opened hangs, while all out of the capacitor is surrounded in a back part of the sensing transducer of outdoor temperature of air, on the one hand has been wrapped in ice, on the other hand, when Ling is blocked by capacitor ice back, out of the ventilating fan is not twirled back in air when in from both parties of the ventilating fan of a surface of sheet for formation of whirlwinds, but also the sped up congealing of ice, the temperature becomes more low. The temperature transmitter of outdoor air from two aforementioned aspects, of course, the display of temperature of outdoor air at temperature a minus of ten grades.

  • 1 as in the north did not see the sun, temperature low, the best in the south in installation.
  • 2, mobile an open place the temperature transmitter, it will be placed in parallel with the fixed arm of the propeller for the capacitor, reducing eddy currents.
  • 3, change E2PROM, time defrosting longer.

Model: KC-19 /
Symptom: On the mechanism of act of heat for limits the device works properly, after several premises of minutes or cannot provide, therefore the ventilating fan is automatically disconnected, all body, and then the remote-control station to switch out the car does not gain a signal should detach a connector and reboot the car, the car Repeat presented above a condition.
The reason: As rubber plastic bearings oil a case, when closed heating, the internal temperature transmitter of the coil I feel a cold wind to prevent excessive heating, the ventilating fan should be started on a wind. During this moment the propeller can cope a low voltage, the low twisting moment and bearings of the shaft of the ventilating fan as rubber, these friction, could not promote ventilating fans the turn when the outdoor block still moves the switch indoors evaporator temperature was sharp growth of a current increases when to transform all current maximum dynamic all body, protection realisation. Protection the air conditioner does not gain from the outside the information. For this reason to disconnect, and then to open the remote computer there can not be a reason.

Repair a method: If not to observe this phenomenon, many I think, it is connected with the internal temperature transmitter of the coil, but replacement of the sensing transducer or to replace the closed onboard computer cannot solve a problem. Open the panel, detected that at the heating, the closed evaporator very much hot, the ventilating fan should begin turn early, but the ventilating fan is not twirled, the arm draws the small ventilating fan moved, they begin the turn, works normally. Once again, start over again downwards the aforementioned phenomena.

Examination showed, tubular the ventilating fan from a time in stationary Stabbs the arm was concerning arrest the phenomenon opened in the left part rubber bearing, the bearing switching on dry, serious shortage of oil, and some flowages warmly rings, bearings replacement rubber the Test car properly.
Models: KFR-2602GW/BP
Symptom: the External power module voltage astably does not work, a cause of defect: Hisense brand KFR-2602GW/BP and KFR-2701GW/BP-type the air conditioner, a supply voltage is not firm in the user, a following phenomenon: initial food turnings on, outdoor functions for work when a supply voltage 200В, with the outdoor block of work of the compressor increase in frequency, a supply voltage from 200 In to 180 In or about that, approximately in 5 minutes, outdoor press stops, outdoor the ventilating fan works properly, a supply voltage from 180 In to 200В; shut down after food shut down, a food is switched on again repeat presented above the phenomenon. Survey did not detect a cause of defect, to replacement outdoor electronic the benchboard and the power module cannot expel insufficiency. Strong discontent of users, court over KFR-2601GW/BP the outdoor block of replacement KFR-2602GW/BP of the outdoor block (the internal block did not change), detected that the car works regularly Not so similar phenomenon.
After careful researches and the analysis, showed that the error can be because of: (1) KFR-2602GW/BP the outdoor power module voltage of a plume, a mechanical sampling resistor R33 (2K) with energy use (1/8W) it is too small and only 2K resistance and other defects; (2) KFR-2602GW/BP and KFR-2701GW/BP opened authorities and power of the drive of the module of the general unified model (that is, at the expense of authority transition to accept all ways DC15VD the food module consists of four).
Repair by ways: (1) replacements R33 with resistance, use of two 1K (1/4W) in a series; (2) module of a food the drive, accordingly, with use four entrance supply voltage is hauled down by power to avoid one supply voltage more low or a power shortage.

Models: KFR-5001LW/BP
Symptom: After installation of test KFR-5001LW/BP Guiji the car to connect the internal block of «buzzing» a sound.
The reason: This car not in a loading condition to connect a food a voice, apparently «a buzzing» sound because of the closed onboard networks both power transformers and other components for internal an onboard network «the buzzing» sound hardly, only the power transformer can lead.
Repair by a method: opened the internal panel, at two fixed screws Unscrew the power transformer the boxing, «the buzzing» sound disappeared. Poor quality of a sound speaks that the transformer can be dense to constrict silicon therefore the magnetic leakage flux, called vibration because of a wind, after channel boxing, forming the speaker to have «a buzzing» sound. It is replaced “Qingdao Hisense Electric“ with the transformer, elimination of derangements.
Models: KFR-28GW/BP
Symptom: the car is switched on, out of the car, but heating does not work.
The reason: This car it appeared outside of ventilating fans, compressors, but not for a long time air in premises, the thick pipe does not touch temperature changes, open exhaust tube Touch Shell the compressor with a fever, a measured current the car only about 1.3A will not grow any more, suspects absence of fluorine of system, the static pressure measured with 6kgf/cm2 a manometre about 9 grades of ambient temperature, the system can define, freon properly.

Repair a method: to begin measurement of current changes when the current raises to 1.3A or about that, till now cannot rise. Leaking cannot go there for two reasons: first, the compressor fails, there is exhaust, secondly no derangement of a pay, do not increase frequency. In connection with the exhaust tube compressor has temperature, can be expelled, therefore a. One block outside of a director's console are replaced after the repeated test car, the current sweepingly increases within five minutes that 7A, covered hot air are sent.
Models: KFR-3502GW/BP
Symptom: Switch out in some minutes outside the car not heating.

The reason: the test of loading of work of the car to observe air conditioning heating, the air conditioner works well, but within 5 minutes after 5 minutes works, the display on temperature indoors suddenly rose to 10 grades the compressor ceases to work, air indoors in a condition, can be internal or closed surrounding failure of the temperature transmitter for achievement of the set temperature. Detected at a difference of temperatures between internal temperature and the set temperature on 6 grades, failure can be suspected a ring the closed temperature transmitter or a panel undershooting.

Repair a method: check of an internal resistance of the temperature transmitter were within a normal range of oscillations, and then to muster the display not a problem, and then to muster the internal block and an alarm line between authority of oscillation of a line voltage, a line of an electrical supply of fire with a zero line back, are corrected to the test car properly.

Models: KFR-5201LW/BP
Symptom: the Outdoor block is shut down repeatedly opened, in the car works normally.

Failure: only cars the car works properly within approximately 4 minutes downwards outside, inside the car works properly; three minutes after the beginning of outdoor works, approximately 4 minutes after that, the outdoor block will be shut down, and so on, cooling effect good. There are laws shut down this car it seems loading failure can to occur, because: (1) Problems with power supplies; (2) failure of communication, measurement of supply voltage AC208V, diagnostic wine court, the error code display “5 ″ (communication failure), measured the closed terminal the block a plate (2) – (4) between voltage of a direct current, regular oscillations, to a lesser degree, can be bad for a communication signal.

Service: Replace to a pay in the car, the car works normally.

Service experience: the open and closed contour the coupler for the consecutive data transfer, a bearing signal from an external line of fire (L) also filtrate detected an exit last closed a zero line (N) the cycle, therefore system represents should pay attention to communication of an internal and outdoor fire (L) neutral (N) should be consecutive. Detection a communication Error, in addition to pay attention on a zero line and a signal of a direct current voltage of a line regularly fluctuate, we also should observe oscillations by amplitude (cost)

Models: KFR-2801GW/BP
Symptom: the system can heat up all work, sometimes a wind big, sometimes small, but all work within 30 minutes or starting a wind, speed of a wind cannot be transferred, there is no heating of agency of derangement: the car can be electronic control by duty regulations part not a problem, in high-frequency operations with various air stream that specifies in the air conditioner sometimes can work properly, the car of a wind for start of an internal resistance of temperature is measured at temperature the car of the coil less, within the limits of state machinery in struggle with cold, Detection with a manometre to see in the car with normal speed, when pressure 1.7Mpa, a breeze when speed of a wind is not controlled, when pressure 1.1Mpa, an operating current 3.8а, (a normal 5.8A) when pressure more low, than the same time with leaking the normal system of the help, bad blood circulation, the block is pleasant.
Repair by a method: a press out of the car also detach pipes, capillary, the single-sided valve, the system valve, accordingly, and to wash off oil with nitrogen, in the new joint, models vacuum fluoride: KFR-2701GW / ВР

Symptom: power of the car works correctly, on the display frequency not the ventilating fan of the internal block is represented works normally, in three minutes after that, the ventilating fan of the internal block is shut down, push unusual sounds, about one minute after the car ceases to work. To repeat in 3 minutes after a stop the phenomenon.

The reason: It is typical failure of communication, self-checking use, without the display an error code.
Method repair: measurement to a terminal block “S” and “N” the Terminal of oscillation of voltage of a direct current, and inside and out of the person to a board service was necessary to replace all at first, to muster highway online. With an interior in “S” the Terminal (red) line is removed from a terminal block, on other three lines have been measured and recognised a line and land short circuit. Muster all line without joints. The outdoor block of a terminal block of an alarm line and land back, a normal exchange after the test car.
Models: KFR-5001LW/BP

Derangement the phenomenon: one minute of shut down, reboot of the computer after 2 minutes, in 1 minute after shut down, bad the reasons of failure of heating: frequency does not rise the compressor repair by a method: the suspicion on an adverse external benchboard by car, the bad module of a food as after derangement it is not expelled, repeated check, testing of the car of communication in the apparatus from normal, normal resistance of the sensing transducer, the measured pressure grew to the high pressure 1.2MPa, low 0.1Mpa pressure, suspects absence of fluorine, fluorine the charge remains after failure, and also pressure change, definitive the Filter a plate for the car work properly.

Models: KFR-50LW/BD
Symptom: the internal and outdoor block the ventilating fan works, but not cooling.
Failure to the reasons: 1, the switch is opened, choose a regime for refrigerating the states; 2 while the outdoor block works, measured by means of a multimeter 1-2 from 220 voltage, 3, work end, disconnect, open the fast-head panel of the outdoor block, 4, reboot, wait for 5 minutes after the main contactor to be convinced, opened act the device, 5, measured by means of a multimeter without the contactor 220В an output voltage, 6, work end, disconnect the basic food, push and keep the contactor manually, by means of a multimeter resistance of a profile is measured the overhead and bottom ends the contactor, each contact does not work;
Service: Replace new contacts that all went smoothly.
Model: KFR-3301GW / D
Symptom: Covered the smoke Reason: KFR-3301GW / D the transformers used in the room block of the low-frequency transformer what role the phase of transformation of conformity, current voltage consists in maintenance of communication of energy and signal sampling, and also change of resistance. When the transformer a current condition to work, as soon as voltage is too great exceeds volume of work, overloadings.

Method repair: measurement of voltage of 244 volt to the user to observe cars without a joint error, free chains, where voltage too high initial judgements. Familiarise with a management through, for ​​ limits of a normal effective range from 12 volt, a situation let know to the user to replace the transformer, and it is equipped by a regulator. Works properly.

Experience of service and the conclusion: In our manufacture of air conditioners etc. that KFR-28GW/BP * 2 ranges to 260 volt the transformer of voltage KF-2601GW/BP of others are so low as 160 volt, KFR-3301GW / D a normal effective range of voltage 198 In to 242 volt. Installation, maintenance service, we recommend to esteem to the user power, voltage, a current, it should be known, exact judgements and to delete abnormalities. When the user voltage above or more low, than a standard range of voltage should be accurately informed, use a regulator to avoid complications.

Model: KFR-2501GW
Symptom: There is no food closed by the reason of a smoke of derangement: Because of land and connection of a phase wire, without direct a load admittance, instead of from short circuit, a safety lock of a shot firing, and a black smoke.
Repair a method: observation the food cord is not switched on, connected, open the internal block there was explosive a panel safety lock. Measuring transformers and others good, major factors expel air. It is measured metre from users, intend sockets, to the switch box detected in a wall a card communication Sisong excavation, threads away, to accept line phases. Authority and to tighten to land, to replace a safety lock, the test car properly.

Maintenance service and leading-out: present quantity a new box to a wall of the dwelling installation of the joint of angles and to save money wide use low-grade to the switch box. Installation, maintenance service should be careful. 1 as knowledge of users of self-defence, instead of the normal people movable by interests of some excessive demands. In this case, that is face to face operations, let know that the true really the precondition searches for things, claims to dispel representation about requirements of users. 2 we of technics refrigerating to repair, electric installations should control safety of maintenance first, for prevention of accidents.

Model: KC-25 /
Symptom: cooling of an aerosol poor and faltering the failure reasons: from an open shell waters a tray with water, and water in contact to the bottom part of the compressor for their analysis therefore the white fog in the air conditioner works for some reason a time, with the compressor water temperature in water gradually heat up plates, in a combination to weather was hot and ventilating fan blades the effect of transpiration of extending of splash blows at error inhalation to open cut-off plates in socket and eruption premises, Formation a white fog of water vapours.
Repair by a method: the air conditioner for refrigerating a file, a normal operating current, the air filter pure and good, but temperature of air is a little above, to muster the ventilation dampers, found in an open position, while cooling of ventilation to the party conducting on fresh superfluous of air, air Temperature high, about 1 hour a faltering exit of a fog there. Open the case, sockets the fork, water a tray with water, and outside of the bottom part of the compressor a weather vane from contact to water. Clearly, distance adjustments between the compressor and waters, installation restoration, close a cut-off plate, loading the 2-sentry of observation, coolings it is good, the white fog disappeared.

Models: KFR-3502GW/BP
Symptom: About the mechanism works it is correctly warm the first some hours, then heating up to poor, the socket not hot, closed, and sometimes and outdoor air temperatures to represent on the shield of 16 grades below null.
The reason, installed on a floor, in a wood environment, and northern wall outdoor fixed unit when outdoor temperature low, high humidity, the mechanism warm for a long time, to open, because defrosting each time not completely that leads to the outdoor block of ice because up to the external capacitor it is surrounded in a back part of the sensing transducer of outdoor temperature of air, on the one hand has been wrapped in ice, on the other hand, when Ling is blocked by capacitor ice back after external twirl of the ventilating fan does not follow in a wind, on either side of from the ventilating fan of a surface of sheet for formation of whirlwinds, but also the sped up congealing of ice, the temperature becomes more low. The temperature transmitter of outdoor air from two aforementioned aspects, of course, the display of temperature of outdoor air at temperature a minus of ten grades.

Service: 1 as in the north did not see the sun, temperature low, the best in the south in installation.
2, mobile an open place the temperature transmitter, it will be placed in parallel with the fixed arm of the propeller for the capacitor, reducing eddy currents.
3, change E2PROM, time defrosting longer.

(Remarks: this phenomenon before KC-19 / was already told, can refer to)
Model: KFR-45LW / D
Symptom: the User reflect coolings agency by a bad cause of defect: 1, 2 absence of fluorine, the dirty capacitor, a connector, a connector of system 3, 4, speed of twirl of the ventilating fan the abnormal.
Repair by a method: for viewing of the dwelling of the user after first internal and outdoor heat exchangers, filters by means of the thermometer on an exit the temperature of 17 grades on Celsius, as a rule, is measured, if it is possible, a measure back pressure of gas 3.5 kgf/cm to define, absence of fluorine, Trepping of fluoride to 5kgf/cm an outlet temperature of 12 grades on Celsius, but the general temperature indoors is not hauled down downwards, attentively to observe an air stream in it is too small, the capacitor for a ventilating fan air stream considerably increased, an outlet temperature from 13 Celsius degrees, a temperature drop indoors.
Models: KFR-3002GW/BP
Symptom: Power of cooling downwards after irregular, beginning from several minutes to tens minutes, and any fixed rules (the new car)

The reason: It can originate a situation, frequency of the car: 1, voltage, 2, the sensing transducer of abnormalities, 3, opened and closed pays taking into account some interfering in work of unusual factors, 4, absence of a commercial frequency or periodicity does not encumber.

Repair by a method: As this car a new installed capacity, and after careful diagnostic study did not detect any deviations, replace a pay also void, after check with frequency of authority of the oscilloscope, frequency normal, and then attentively to observe sinusoids that There is much in it a length not agnails, which define noise because of authority to affect a normal operation the onboard computer that leads unstablis protection of switching-off. Moving of the car for moving the usual user.

Models: KFR-32GW/BP

Repair: KFR-32GW/BP, KFR-45LW / D, KFR-3502GW/BP, KFR-2501GW, KFR-45LW, KFR-3301GW, KFR-3201GWCPU, KFR-2608GW/BP