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  1. New, innovative models of split-systems MDV
  2. Excellent air conditioner-inverter MDV, — problems … should solve
  3. Certificates of conformity MDV MS-7/9/12/18/24 HRDN1
  4. Assemblage of air conditioners MDV MS HRDN1

As new models of split-systems MDV develop

In the beginning we mdv, make the solution: yes, we will develop new model of air conditioners, split-systems, technics MDV (Midea (Мидея) Holding Co., Ltd). For example: MDV MSR1i-7/9/12/18/24 HRN1 fig. 1. Catalogue PDF 2011—2015 to download.

MDV MSR1i-7/9/12/18/24 HRN1

MDV MSR1i-7/9/12/18/24 HRN1

Then we solve, what we want split-systems to see system and that we want to enclose in it. Only after that the task for air conditioner working out mdv goes to the research centre.

    • Before start in manufacture the air conditioner prototype is tested in the capacity of computer model.

Then the split-system development type mdv which is tested in special test rooms is made.

Thus testing frequently passes in conditions, much more rigid, than in what the technics should work after a tails from the conveyor.

The special attention is given to stability of work in difficult atmospheric conditions (high humidity, differences of temperatures of outdoor air), fault tolerances of models of split-systems MDV at a long continuous work, electromagnetic compatibility and to noise level. After all the good technics should solve problems, instead of create them is whether not so?


excellent air conditioner, split-system MDV, — should solve problems on premise cooling, instead of create them, breaking

MDV MS-7/9/12/18/24 HRDN1

MDV MS-7/9/12/18/24 HRDN1

    If development type MDV successfully there passes the tests, new model

Air conditioners, split-systems MDV

    Arrives in a batch production. A total area of production areas of factory MDV

Midea (Мидея) Holding

    Co., Ltd – more than 5 million м2.

In the course of technics manufacturing the equipment with a digital direct numerical control is used.

Certificates of conformity MDV MS-7/9/12/18/24 HRDN1

Manufacture is certificated under standards ISO9001:2000 and ISO14000, and also has conformity certificates:

    • TUV, EMC and GS (Germany),


    • conformity certificate on models MDV LCIE (France),
    • Certificate CE (used in all countries of Euro-union),
    • Certificate UL (giving the chance equipment deliveries in the USA) and …
    • Other international certificates of quality and reliability.

    Assemblage of air conditioners MDV: Factories Midea (Мидея) Holding Co., Ltd

    Factories Midea(Мидея) Holding Co., Ltd are scattered on all Chinese to coast.

    Factories Midea (Мидея) Holding Co., Ltd: there where wait and надеятся on a miracle

    Before the assemblage beginning all accessories of air conditioners MDV (Midea) pass a careful quality control. It includes a quality control of the propeller of split-system, ventilating fans and other knots of the air conditioner, testing of separate knots and details of air conditioners at an overloading.

    After assemblage end, — air conditioners MDV muster functionally, in all operating modes at the raised loading, and also check of strength of container and packing.

      At last we send ready climatic technics MDV to you.

    What for to us of a picture? All is very simple, that it is better to be oriented on a site such page is created: pictures with records about split-systems

    To us interesting your opinion on technics MDV | Air conditioners Midea (Мидея) Holding Co., Ltd, —  therefore we will be grateful for any constructive responses or wishes.

    To download the catalogue of products MDV mdv_2013.rar
    Site of the producer of split-systems MDV.

    There where make air conditioners of series MDV MSR1i: factories Midea (Мидея) Holding Co., Ltd

    The updated factories of industrial holding Midea (Мидея) Holding Co., Ltd, with the doubled speed started to stamp the remarkable split-systems, truth at factory did not consider that on a yard 2013,

    In предверие the large-scale crisis of liquidity how in these severe constraints of a concurence these charming split-systems MDV MSR1i similar to soap trays will be on sale? It is not known.

    mdv, — MDV MSR1i-7/9/12/18/24 HRN1 split-systems the last tests

    Before сплит system MDV MSR1i of series HRN1 got on counters of our shops and offices of sales, the air conditioner comprehensively tested for endurance …

    These tests at the stand of functional control last months, on this time the air conditioner is placed in a separate test room and, there the Chinese engineers start to scoff at it, they: fall asleep the filter a dust, creating intolerable temperature conditions, after tests the air conditioner is ready for serial mass exhaustion.

    At all factories MDV equal high demands to quality of released products, split-system MDV MSR1i of series HRN1, not exclusion, is the qualitative and reliable device of cooling.