A prestigious series of air conditioners from company Midea(Мидея) Holding


  1. Midea-Prestige: we came to you... Unexpectedly
  2. Original design at Midei Prestige
  3. Midea series Prestige MSX-07/09/12/18/24 HRN1
  4. Characteristics Prestige — as an expected miracle

Midea Prestige, — as stably quality parametre and reliability.

Midea-Prestige, is not lame duck | All fathom, it too your Mideja.

Midea Prestige

Multipurpose and beautiful, all it — Midea-Prestige.

Midea-Prestige – Original design of the internal block of air conditioner Mideja of a series «prestige» is decorated by the built in and multipurpose display.

    The regime осушки premises in the given air conditioner, is reinforced by a special design of the shutters. Unfortunately, function Fresco Tech — is not базовою, and goes as an additional option.

Split systems Midea-Prestige, — functional features and possibilities of air conditioners of the given series.

So that at the request of the given series of air conditioners Midea, to you will be necessary to be defined, — this option Fresco Tech is necessary to you in general or not.

Midea series Prestige MSX-07/09/12/18/24 HRN1

Similar names of air conditioners Midea of series Prestige MSX-07/09/12/18/24 HRN1:

  • Midea-Prestige MSX-07 HRN 1,
  • Mideja-prestige MSX-09 hrn 1,
  • Midea msx-12 hrn 1,
  • Мидея-Prestige msx-18 HRN 1,
  • Midea-Prestige msx-24 hrn 1.

Air conditioner Midea-Prestige characteristics.

Midea series Prestige of series MSX HRN, it is unusually beautiful design of the internal block, functional навороты and additives from Midei, — do you more resolutely in split-system sampling even more.
Air conditioner characteristics surpass your wishes. Midea-Prestige, is powerful, but in that — a time silent сплит system, we look technical parametres.

Midea Prestige, is a power, but in that - a time - the silence, i.e. not clearly works сплит system or not, will twist a finger the ventilating fan, all works, we look technical parametres. Prominent features сплит systems Midea Prestige.

Характеристикасплит systems Midea Prestige.