The speed and power at the start.

Performance and capacity of the compressor is increased to max after the air conditioner to the preset mode that provides quick hit man in the area comfortable temperatures.

Air conditioning is not necessary «to drive» always turns off.

Then by adjusting the smooth running performance is kept constant, which ensures cost-effective, sustainable and long-term operation of the device cooling.

This is analogous to the smooth and rhythmic motion car. on a suburban road non-stop, traffic jams and traffic lights.T stable in the room?

this is a big plus of these systems.

The control system variable speed compressor and monitors the temperature in the room. Based on these data, calculates the optimum system performance for stable temperature maintenance.The absence of temperature fluctuations create a truly comfortable and fertile micro-climatic conditions in the room Contactless DC motor and the drive itself rotary compressor.

To improve the energy efficiency of the compressors DC and reduce their production sebistoimosti necessary: to reduce losses in the windings of the motor itself, and in the core-rotor, as well as make the most compact compressor and tiny.

DC compressor


Mitsubishi Electric has always, since 2013 will be equipped with contactless DC compressor rotor with permanent magnets to achieve maximum performance and torque.

Electromagnetic moment of start of the engine is a non-contact — the amount of start-up and the main component of the reactive moments.