Super-flat ribs exchanger

Heat exchanger air conditioner with flat aluminum or copper fins create an extremely low resistance to air flow, so for a long time remain clean and free of dust and dirt.

This property of the heat exchanger increases the time interval between maintenance, which reduces the cost of maintaining the unit several times and improves the efficiency of electrical energy and heat exchange system for cooler operation by about 70%.

  know-how as well as the pipe has an inner thread rolling

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Exchanger — is a special know-how as well as the pipe has an inner thread rolling, this increases the heat transfer rate and, as a consequence — increase energy efficiency throughout the cooling system as a whole.

As you know, the process of production of pipes with internal cuts and cold rolling requires not a little like manufacturing and energy costs.

Therefore, air conditioning Mitsubishi-Electric, by definition can not be cheap. And to compare a split system with a primitive, outdated air conditioners simply not correct.