Какая длина трассы межблочного трубопровода у Мицубиси srk/src 50/56/52/63/71 he-s1?
Диаметр труб хладагента и... многое другое про данную серию сплит систем Мицубиси. Всё есть в этой сводной таблице.

Conditioners of Mitsubishi of a series srk/src 50/56/52/63/71 he-s1 | the Unsurpassed flow of air

Features of split-system of Mitsubishi of a series srk/src 50/56/52/63/71 he-s1

conditioner of Mitsubishi with the raised productivity
The room conditioner of Mitsubishi with the raised holodo-productivity: series SRK 50/56/52/63/71 he-s1 represents the wall split-central airs consisting of internal and external blocks, with a coolant filled on manufacturing plant. srk50he_rukovodstvo

The internal block сплит systems srk/src 50/56/52/63/71 he-s1, — includes the equipment for chilling and heating premises, and also a control panel. The external block of the conditioner consists of the condensation and compressor module.

Standard picking of conditioners of Mitsubishi srk/src 50/56/52/63/71 he-s1

Additional options, ionisation, filtration system on энзимовой to a basis, temperature restrictions of conditioners srk/src 50/56/52/63/71 he-s1

Jalousie with remote control
Management of work of a jalousie is performed from a remote control (ДУ).

  • Air Scroll (a vortical flow): a jalousie works under automatic control.
  • Swing : a jalousie shakes upwards-downwards.
  • Memory flap: after a jalousie is established in the required position, the given position is remembered in the block and used at each following inclusion of the block.
  • Automatic operating mode of the conditioner
  • At mode installation «auto Д» on panel DU the conditioner or automatically will choose one of operating modes — cooling, heating or thermal — or will continue to work in that mode in which it was before inclusion of an automatic mode.

      Self-diagnostics function
      We constantly aspire to improve service quality of our clients, establishing indicators which show the arisen malfunction.
      Service management and distinctive features of installation of conditioners of Mitsubishi of a series srk/src 50/56/52/63/71 he-s1

    Technical characteristics and overall dimensions.