Памятка пользователя сплит-системою: ничего не понятно, прочитать не возможно

Техника безопасности или obezyana_remontnik сплит-систем

 Инструктаж по обслуживанию кондиционеров

Краткие рекомендации по правилам эксплуатации сплит-систем, инструктаж по обслуживанию кондиционеров.
Памятка пользователя.

Зададимся простым вопросом:"А так ли безопасен Ваш кондиционер? Или почему нельзя сплит систему гладить как кота, тыкать в испаритель палками и другими посторонними предметами? Почему нельзя?"

Можно! Можно всё. Но, если не предугадывать последствия своих не обдуманных действий и поступков — наступает травматичный случай или поломка прибора, с данном случае — Вашей любимой сплит системы.

Вот такой получился короткий  инструктаж по обслуживанию кондиционеров


Read and understand thoroughly this safety awareness before use.

The items indicated here are very important safety precautions, which must be followed.

The following pictures are presented just for the purpose of illustration. As for some models whose cooling capacity is above 4600W (17000BTU/h), their power cables do not have a plug! So please take real objects as a reference.


The air conditioner must be grounded. Incomplete grounding may result in electric shocks.

Do not pull the power cable during operation. It can cause fire. To pull out the plug, please turn off the unit and hold the plug to pull it out.

Do not attempt to extend the power cord by joining it to another cord, or by using an extension cord. Do not put any other loads on the power supply socket.

Do not damage the power cord, or do joint work. Piling up heavy objects on the power cable, approaching high temperature supply objects, or doing joint work will cause electric shock and fire.

Do not expose your body directly to the cool (or hot) air for prolonged period; do not cool (or heat) the room too much. This could effect your physical condition and cause health problems.

The appliances is not intended to be used by young children or infirm persons without supervision.

Pull out the power plug or turn off the power supply when not using the air conditioner for a long time. (Accumulated dirt might cause fire.)

    An earth leakage breaker with rated capacity must be installed to avoid possible electric shocks.

Do not put burning appliances at places exposed to the airflow, it may cause incomplete combustion.

  • Do not use these stuffs for cleaning: chemical solvent, insecticide, inflammable spraying materials which will damage the appearance of air conditioner. Do not sprinkle water directly on the indoor unit.
  • Принципиальные электрические схемы управления сплит-систем и...

    Принципиальные электрические схемы управления сплит-систем и...

    Close doors and windows (preferably use a curtain) while operating air conditioner for a long time, if room air is quite turbid, you could open the door and window for a moment to get some fresh air outside.

    If anything abnormal such as a burning smell occurs, stop the operation immediately and turn the breaker off.
    Do not install the air conditioner at places where flammable gas may leak. If there is electrical leakage accidentally from air conditioner, it is easy to cause fire or explosion.

    Do not apply the unit for special purposes. Do not use to store precision equipment, food, painting etc, which require certain humidity and temperature, for their quality may be affected.

    Do not open windows and doors while operating the air conditioner at COOL/DRY mode for a long time under high humidity condition (above 80%). Otherwise, condensed water may drip from the unit.

    Do not insert a finger, a rod or any other objects into the air outlet/inlet grille. As the fan is running at a high speed, it will cause injury.

    The appliance shall be installed in accordance with national wiring regulations. The appliance must not be installed in the laundry. The appliance must be installed 2.3m above the floor. The appliance must be positioned so that the plug is accessible. For some models whose cooling capacity are above 4600W (17000BTU/h), an all-pole disconnection device which has at least 3mm separation distance in all pole and a residual current device (RCD) with the rating of above 10mAshall be incorporated in the fixed wiring according to the national rule.

    ничего не понятно, прочитать не возможно

    This product must not be disposed together with the domestic waste. This product has to be disposed at an authorized place for recycling of electrical and electronic appliances.