Заплати и наслаждайся разрухою: установка (монтаж) сплит-систем


Инструменты для установки кондиционеров бывают разными, даже — отбойный молоток.
Ломать — не строить.
Заплати и наслаждайся разрухою.
Split the system is established incorrectly!
If it is not the repairman of the given organisation where you ordered installation works сплит systems I doubt that to you will render the qualified service in repair of yours сплит systems.

The answer will be unequivocal: Split the system is established incorrectly! For normal operation it is unsuitable. And as under condition of inaccessibility for a long time it was not spent the planned it is repair diagnostic works, — there is a question on expediency of repair given сплит systems.
How for normal diagnostics of the conditioner full dismantle сплит systems, and at the stand installation of working parametres, further — installation сплит systems is required.