Split-system Neoklima provides the most comfortable operating


1.Air conditioners created for usual people.
2.We save on service together with Neoklima.
3.We save on the voltage-stabilising tube.
4.In struggle against global warming.
5.Engineering — technical baseline, products certificates.

Air conditioners created for usual people.
Air conditioners Neoclima Rostov-on-Don

 series Star Light

Irreplaceable function, — clearing

For people, is one of solutions of problems with cooling of your apartment, office, a production area...
Neoclima-NS/NU-HAS 07/09/12/18/24/30 1R4.

Air conditioners, split-systems Neoclima are created for usual people to make our life even more comfortable and cosy.

Split-system Neoklima provides the most comfortable operating mode for the account of the built in temperature transmitter in the remote-control station with the air conditioner, i.e. temperature

Air conditioners Neoclima Exlusive, appearance.
Neoclima NS 07/09/15/18/24 LHK

The regime is supported in that place where there is a benchboard the air conditioner. Very comfortably.

The built in ionisation and three-stage system of a filtering of air conditioners

Neoclima, do by their unsurpassed leaders in the ratio the price-quality.

We save on service.

In air conditioners Neoklima of given series Star Light, — there is an irreplaceable function, — clearing заморозкой, i.e. at first the internal block сплит frosts up systems,

Further it is switched on

From тайка and self-clearing of the internal block that considerably reduces the price of the maintenance of air conditioner Neoclima Star Light.

Neoclima the class-room the standard, is a reliability at the moderate price.
Neoclima standart NS 07/09/12/18/24/30 LHG

We save on the voltage-stabilising tube.
Modern rulers of air conditioners Neoklima are equipped by the built in voltage-stabilising tubes. Split-system Neoclima-Star Light stands voltage surges from 180 In to 260 Century
Japanese compressor Panasonik does air conditioner Neoclima even more attractive and reliable.

Assurance on all air conditioners Neoclima, — 3 years.
Similar names Neoclima-Star Li, is: NS/NU-HAS 071 R4, NS/NU-HAS 091 R4, NS/NU-HAS 121 R4, NS/NU-HAS 181 R4, NS/NU-HAS 241 R4

Series Neoclima-Galaxi, are models: NS/NU-HAG071R4, NS/NU-HAG091R4, NS/NU-HAG121R4, NS/NU-HAG181R4, NS/NU-HAG241R4
Neoclima-Future NEW

The table of characteristics of central airs of Neoklima.
Neoclima the table of characteristics.

Напольно — ceiling сплит systems

The European quality standard | New freon of type «R410a»

Supporting demands of the European standards, the lineup of air conditioners Neoclima of 2011 is completely made with use of freon of type R410a.

The prices, the price-list of Neoklima of 2011.

In struggle against global warming.
Cправка: what is the coolant? A coolant — a working medium which participates in the refrigerating

Let's up ozone with air conditioners Neoklima on 410 freon.

To scraper, absorbing heat from bodies
With low temperature to transfer to its bodies with higher temperature. In the evaporator of the air conditioner the coolant passes in a gaseous state, selects heat at a circumambient and chills air. In the capacitor the coolant passes again in a liquid state, giving to warmly street air.

reasons of transition on new Agents R410 A::.

Neoclima, certification of products of the company, — air conditioners, сплит systems.
Neoclima the certificate 1.

As showed scientific researches, хлорфторуглероды, getting to an upper atmosphere, promote destruction of an ozone layer of the Earth. It leads to the raised penetration of ultra-violet radiation to a surface of the Earth having destructive affecting on a human body and an ecological situation as a whole.

According to the United Nations Program on a circumambient in 1987 the Montreal report on substances took effect «,
Destroying an ozone layer », providing gradual curtailment of production and consumption хлор.фтор.углеродов. Them gradually replace new хлад. Agents R 407C and R 410A, not containing chlorine and not destroying ozone.
Ozone — destroying activity хлад agents is sized up by magnitude озон.разрушающего potential which can accept values from 0 (for озон.безопасных хлад agents) to 13 (for ozone destroying).

Engineering — technical baseline.

Engineering — technical baseline includes system R&D, by means of this system working out and testing of new samples, and also development of existing models of air conditioners and split-systems is regularly spent.

Scientifically-technical centres and laboratories Neoclima, are had worldwide. Technological and innovative novelties of the company are realised in industrial sphere, — almost instantly and instantly. It обусловленно, — constant and sweeping updating of a trading row and models of split-systems Neoclima.

The concept of development of a brand is reflected in company name — as new your climate.

Distinctive features of equipment Neoclima are increased requirements to a quality of product, its reliability and efficiency.
All products created under trade mark Neoclima, personify a combination of reliability of a design, the best innovative workings out and design solutions.

Philosophy Neoclima is creation of a hi-tech product which surpasses existing analogues in quality and the technical datas.
Today, air conditioners, split-systems Neoclima it is made at factories of Germany, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, Ukraine, China and in the countries of Asia.

Source: In technics Neoclima the reasonable price, exact observance of the high quality standards combine and...

The table of characteristics of central airs of Neoklima.
Neoclima the table of characteristics. Neoclima, certification of products of the company, — air conditioners, Split-system.