Repair of pays of management with the food pulsed source


  1. Management pays. Detection of derangements.
  2. Often meeting error.
  3. Protective elements: the stabilizer diode, the varistor and диодный a bridge.
  4. Inverter repair.
  5. Pay repair

Management pays, repair and detection of derangements.

To repair pays of samped data control of air conditioners of Mitsubishi-Heavy not so that and it is simple, as the operating signal the internal-naruzhny block is transferred not through 3 wires as on usual air conditioners., and all through one. On клемной колодке the management signal matches to figure 3. Pays and internal, and наружнего the block of air conditioners of a household series of Mitsubishi-Heavy on passage and formation of a signal of management are almost analogous, i.e. interchangeable. A food of pays of management — is used the standard pulsed source of a food of a Fig. 1

The standard power supply, element baseline.

Samped data control pays | Repair

Almost all components of the given circuit design of the power supply, you easily find on the printed-circuit board of any инверторного the air conditioner or сплит systems with the food pulsed source. We muster analogous details of your pay on integrity.

As it becomes — is presented more low on an instance of the air conditioner of Mitsubishi.

6 blinkings — often meet such error.

The bulb the OPERATED burns, the Bulb the TIMER — sixfold (6) winking:

  1. On the display of wire panel DU number of error Е5
  2. Signal transmission error between internal and наружними air conditioner blocks;
  3. Causes of error — Defect in feed circuits, breakage of an alarm wire,
  4. Defect of a pay of the internal or external block;

Conditions at which there is such derangement, 6 aliquot winking — an error in signal transmissions, i.e. between terminals 2 and 3 wrong formation of a signal, a pulse.

Constant voltage between terminals

Indication of potential U = — 7 to — 14 In

No-signal between pays internal and a pay of management of the external block of the air conditioner during 10 seconds or more. How it to muster? How to fathom there is a formation of a signal or not?

Very simply: between Terminals 2 and 3 should be changeable potential U = — 7 to-14 volt, is better and more visually it can be measured on the oscilloscope, installing value of voltage to 15 volt of a direct current.

Pay of the external block of the air conditioner

Pay of the external block of the air conditioner

On the shield (the overhead part) signal formation by the internal block of the air conditioner, the bottom part of the oscillogram — a return call of the external block of the air conditioner will be visible.

As an instance from practice: After winter start Mitsubishi air conditioner, and he blinks as a fur-tree. What is, in what a problem? After all the automaton has been switched out, сплит the system stood all the winter long the disconnected!!!

    Yes, it so, but very few people knows what to disconnect at air conditioners it is necessary not only a phase, but it is necessary to break off also and a zero (neutral conductor) so-as the control system of the air conditioner goes through About, and it too has potential in relation to «land».

For example: pass welding works, and... As at us usually hard workers arrive, one wire on a phase, another to the battery, everything, it is possible to weld. It is possible, only it is check of not completely disconnected device сплит systems) on «puncture». The Lightning stroke, a strong wind closed wires on columns, the tree fell to wires of external distributing... Result — the management chain on pays external/internal blocks сплит systems is punched.

Protective elements of a control system of the air conditioner, — the stabilizer diode, the varistor and диодный a bridge.

Pay repair, check and stabilizer diode replacement

Pay repair, check and stabilizer diode replacement

Defective stabilizer diode S39 (39 volt) on 1 Vt:


  • external block; the designation on pay ZD1 the stabilizer diode — С39 resistance 540 Ohm, at return indication of resistance «not be called», is mustered as the usual diode:



  • internal; a stabilizer diode designation on pay ZD2, accordingly resistance 528 Ohm

If values of resistance of the stabilizer diode strongly differ from the data we change the stabilizer diode for another. In my case on 39 In the one-wadded stabilizer diode did not find, put on 36 In (С36) analogue. The pay of the external block earned.

Pay drawing наружнего the inverter block

Pay наружнего the inverter block

 To repair pays with samped data control not so and it is simple, usually them at once throw out and change. But we try and... We repair Alternatives of a puncture of the varistor on 470 are possible In (on the circuit design it in a protective polyethylene film of green colour) but then the air conditioner will not react at all on incl. off This case at derangements of a chain of management we we expel, defective диодный the bridge to us will be not not given by voltage-14V. For signal formation the microcircuit both on internal, and on наружнем the block answers, we muster the oscilloscope signal passage consistently from a feed circuit of a control system before microassemblage. Was possiblly it is defective семистор, we do not expel and it is alternative, but it already absolutely other complexity repair.

Inverter repair.

Repair инверторных air conditioners of series of Mitsubishi-Heavy a service management, cervis_manual_GZ:

  • SRK/SRC 20/25/35/50 ZJP-S;
  • HotRodS SRC-20/25/35 ZJX-S;
  • SRK/SRC 20/25/35/50 ZJP-S;
  • SRK/SRC 20/25/35/50/60 ZJX-S.

Drawing. An arrangement of details on the printed-circuit board инвертерного Mitsubishi air conditioner.

Arrangement of details on the inverter printed-circuit board

Repair printing инверторных series of air conditioners — is analogous. The most vulnerable hinged components of a pay are specified in fig. This all those stabilizer diodes ZD1 and ZD2, the capacitor, the operated diode д1.

All listed elements of a pay are responsible for a food of a microcircuit which forms an operating signal. By analogy to simpl air conditioners it/of we carry out pay diagnostic.

A pulsing food in air conditioners |

Repair of the inverter, — a power part of the air conditioner инвертерного Mitsubishi type see here тык.


problem with repair is not solved? The air conditioner does not work? We search search

But, if result on repair of the pulsed source of a food of the air conditioner negative, we do not despair and we do not haul down the arm. Near at hand always at us objective on delivery and sweeping system of search Yandex. As a rule when we got to a difficult situation with search we choose Also what we found sweepingly? — That that is necessary:

Repair of a pay of air conditioners with the food pulsed source.

About, found a site On the given site such text is given: food Pulsed sources are applied both on simpl air conditioners, and on сплит systems with constant productivity, инверторного type. Now air conditioners are hi-tech devices with a difficult control logic and assemblage of functions, system of self-diagnostics and инвертерным management of the compressor. All it the microprocessor with the sole timber circuit design for which a low-voltage food is necessary operates. Use two alternatives — circuit designs with the reducing network transformer and pulsing converters of voltage. The basic difference of pulsed sources of a food, this frequency conversion about 50 Hz to, approximately, 25-150 кГц that considerably reduces transformer gabarits. The basic advantage of a transformer power supply circuit — simplicity of the circuit design, and a deficiency the big gabarits and weight.

Advantages of a pulsing food — small gabarits, possibility to keep small altitude of a pay, more exact maintenance of an output voltage. Deficiencies — большее quantity of details, presence of active components and, accordingly, their necessity to chill, handicapes at work, falling out at an overstrain, the big cost of repair at breakage.

Development engineers eliminated the majority of deficiencies of pulsed sources of a food or minimised and now they represent modern solutions for a food of electronic devices and are applied in the majority of pays of air conditioners, transformers use only in is low-budgetary models and that less frequently. A source: Circuit designs of pulsed sources of a food. To repair pays with samped data control not so and it is simple, usually them at once throw out and change. But we try and... We repair

Repair of the pulsed source of a food.

Repair of the pulsed source of a food.