X — space Roda – the shortest way to perfection



To save up and save the electric power to you new working out of split-systems from a known brand of the Sort, it helps

X-space Drawing and the image сплит systems of a sort of a series икс the Space.

X-space Roda

Space by the possibilities and characteristics a series of air conditioners X-SPACE.

  Roda X-space RS-v07/09/12/18/24/30 A

The ruler of air conditioners of given series X-SPACE Roda is presented by following models:

  • RS — v 07 A/RU — V07 A,
  •  X-space RS — v 09 A/RU — V09 A,
  •  RS — X-space 12 A/RU — V12 A,
  •  RS — v 18 A/RU — V18 A X-space,
  •  RS — v 24 A/X-space RU — V24 A,
  •  RS — v 30 A X-space/RU — V30 A,

Surprisingly, but all: comfortably and silently.

Enjoy прохладою and silence with our air conditioners инверторного type X-space in not dependences from weather and environmental conditions, it is all thanks to the range of operating temperatures wide and proved by practice сплит Sort systems (+43 With to-15S). It is gained comfortably and silently.

 Features and standard functions of model X-space RS-v07/09/12/18/24/30 A


Than actually X - a space the air conditioner of the Sort of a series differs from analogous models of other brands. Features and standard functions of model of the given series of coolers.

Production engineering эко +++. The charge of the electric power And +.

Sort air conditioners have modern and intellectual system of EKO-TECHNOLOGIES of the new sample, allowing охладительному to the device independently to define

Algorithm of acts depending on conditions of using and to choose such power saving up functions which, detecting the raised re-charge of the electric power

Balance current consumption towards the maximum decrease. The charge of the electric power And + is gained.

Characteristics of a series an iks-space

Characteristics and possibilities of coolers of the given series an iks-space that in translation into Russian means space сплит, and x are sizes and possibilities of air conditioners of the given model.


And, noise performances (see the table) only 25 Db. Excellent German quality of assemblage of air conditioners does model X-space Roda, one of the most sold and attractive among the colleagues, — air coolers инвертерного type.

Our display does not impose style. All for comfort and a cosiness.

Not the persuasive and not obliging design of the air conditioner not only pleases an eye, but also informs the user split-system on the installed options for a benchboard and creates the muffled illumination during the hours of darkness days.