Air conditioners Supra 2013


  1. Japanese production engineering of quality
  2. With Supra it is possible to gain a cool
  3. Classic. Reliable
  4. In the lead positions in the market of air conditioners.

Air conditioners Supra. Japanese production engineering of quality

Air conditioners of given brand Supra as much as possible came nearer to demands of users inexpensive сплит systems, is a rather-high quality of product and as much as possible low price of a product.

Cool air and excellent mood to you provide air conditioners Supra. It is not necessary to think, switched on the air conditioner, and, here it, — a long-awaited cool. If to air conditioner Supra not to prevent to work, the given device of cooling serves to you many long years.

Supra gives you a cool.

Japanese production engineering of a quality control of a flow process, gates out air conditioners Supra against other brands of climatic technics.

Supra it: Japanese production engineering of quality and comfort.

Simple in service and very inexpensive systems from Japanese engineers of climatic technics carrying out primitive functions with the maximum extent of reliability – cooling and heating!

The ruler of split-systems Supra is presented by models with хлад.производительностью from 2 to 6 kw, these air conditioners are counted for premises from 20 to 71 м2.

 With systems Supra it is possible to gain a good cool

Supra takes in the lead positions in the climatic market of sales of technics and a refrigerating machinery in many countries of the world.

2013 became critical in interest air conditioners Supra of the countries of southeast Asia, Europe and almost all Far East.

The markets of developing countries make more and more rigid demands to products of the companies, the growing concurence among brands of climatic technics does almost impossible an entry on the overheated market.

But, Supra coped with this uneasy problem offering such seductive price limits that many, even known brands give in to a pressure of brand Supra.

 Ruler of air conditioners Supra of series CLASSIC US410 HA

Premise cooling for reasonable price. Japanese production engineering it is low-cost. That you searched for a long time and wanted. The ruler of air conditioners Supra of series US410 HA meets all demands of comfort.

Supra US410 HA

Supra series Classic, are high quality standards and reliability. Functional features of models US 410 07/09/12/18/24 HA:


    • power efficiency class-room — And;
    • System self-diagnostic and self-defence;
    • Innovative corrosion-resistant coating;
    • The raised efficiency of cooling and heating;
    • Intellectual system of protection against an ice covering;
    • Noise abatement high technology;
    • Regime of unwatering of air / LED the display;
    • Hydrophilic aluminium ribs / Hot start-up;


    • timer / the Night regime.

    The assurance on air conditioners Supra makes 2th years.

    Parametres of air conditioners Supra Classic, the table.

     Company Supra logo Power of split-system of kw. Overall dimensionsVozduhm.kub/ch
     Cold Heat эл. потр. внутр. The block внешн. The block
    Split-system of wall type | Supra series Classic US 410 — HA
    US 410 — 07 HA 2050 2100 0.69 680*250*180 380
    US 410 — 09 HA 2500 2650 0.75 680*250*180 430
    US 410 — 12 HA 3200 3350 1.1 745*250*210 480
    US 410 — 18 HA 5300 5620 1.85 1095*312*205 890
    US 410 — 24 HA 7000 7300 2.3 1095*312*205 1000

     Air conditioners from SUPRA in Rostov-on-Don. In the lead positions in the market of air conditioners

    Accessible Japanese production technologies, incoming control of quality of accessories, Japanese compressor Sanyo — these qualities of the leader of sales of air conditioners Supra .

    Constant updating of a ruler of released products more than 600 aspects of a commodity output, an exit on the wide international market of developing countries allowed company SUPRA to become the leader on sales in many segments of the market of home appliances for a mass user with an average prosperity.

    • SUPRA, is not only climatic equipment: air conditioners and split-systems, it and, television receivers LCD and, plasma panels, both DVD-players, and the musical centres, and also home theatres, washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, other small home appliances, house vacuum sweepers, and many other things — all it is released by concern SUPRA.

    In the Russian market of home appliances the company is presented since 80th years of past century, and already had time not only to win popularity in many developing countries of the world, but also to become the leader of sales in Rostov-on-Don.

    The secured and high quality of technics SUPRA it is confirmed by the international certificates of conformity, and the bonus and a medal won on exhibitions of sales лиш confirm the international popularity of a brand.