Video — how to establish split-system the hands


Video — how to establish split-system the hands

Split-system installation as is, the eyes — necessary tools and hammers, skills and experience of professionals.

1.Have arrived on installation, smiled, at once it is visible, — for a long time.
2.Installation наружнего the conditioner block independently is better for spending... At night.
3.I am independent I can, — to observe for work professionals.
4.Hammer, — the universal tool.

Knock at a door was distributed, strongly do not worry,
It the present assembler of split-systems has come,

He will present to you: a smile, a cool and comfort.

You the eyes can look, as the system in your apartment, in the house, at office will be established. The company «Split Rostov» guarantees quality of installation сплит systems. A guarantee on all kinds of works.

Have arrived... On installation with..., at once it is visible, — for a long time.
Hm th. Many video-rollers can be found in the Internet.

With different degree of professionalism of assemblers of split-systems, that an error and неумелость fitters the inhabitant, as a rule not to notice is entertaining. As an example I will comment on conditioner installation in video more low.

Guys have arrived on installation, we pay attention, — in the street is still light... It is possible to think, — about a dinner, but drilling, soldering of tubes of an interblock line (what for? There nuts are regular), installation of a plate of fastening of the internal block... Etc. in the street has already considerably darkened, i.e. at first installation has passed not less than 4 hours. And you can make the hands conditioner installation.

The video-grant, — conditioner installation by the hands...

Yes I will not hide, independent installation not simple, disturbs a radiator, the armature in стеновом the block, but, it in any way came across 4 hours. As the version, having drilled an aperture in a wall assemblers have sat down to have a rest, drink tea with the owner (which) have sat up, заболтались. At some instant fitters have forgotten partially what for they here, in another's apartment.

Grows dark, it became already absolutely dark. It is time to finish and dump.

On a court yard, it is necessary to make haste and finish night, at last conditioner installation.

Installation of the external block of the conditioner is better for spending... At night.
It is masterful having drilled fastening arms наружнего the block of the conditioner a fitter smiled, — this work to it means it is pleasant, it, the assembler of split-systems takes pleasure in results of the work. Such expert will not use foul language and be spat in your house.

Independent installation наружнего the block of the conditioner is better for spending at night that owners or neighbours have not seen at once, crookedly costs наружний the block or not.

  • Independently, without assistance installation of the external block of the conditioner made, when already almost has absolutely darkened, and, the workmate of this charismatic and улыбчатого the fellow began to tie interblock connection, itself twisted nuts and to connect as a mole, already absolutely in the dark, food and management wires the external block of the conditioner.

To establish most — to observe for I work professionals.

As it is pleasant to observe for I work professionals, but I have paid attention that on the conditioner, on a cover наружнего the split-system block constantly, throughout long time the tool, — a hammer lies, on modest (14 years) to experience the assembler, I could not guess what for:

Грязный, мокрый датчик температуры внутреннего блока, — это пластмассовая фуська чёрного цвета с проводочками, похожая на каплю, находится под крышкой внутреннего блока и под фильтрами тонкой и грубой очистки сплит системы.

Протрите датчик. Он должен быть сухой и чистый как памперс у младенца.

Well, what for the hammer is necessary to it? To fasten an occasion? — Is not present, by a hammer it to do inconveniently, there is other tool, the screw-driver is called.

  • Perhaps, the hammer is necessary to twist nuts of an interblock line? — That is not present... For a tightening of nuts the adjustable spanner, usually, is used.

Well, I do not know what for... Probably, it, the assembler, this hammer dispersed darkness, drove mosquitoes and butterflies, moths or scarecrows of uneasy but importunate neighbours, we of it did not see and we do not know. We will not guess. It not a jackhammer, in the end of the ends...
Well, why I still had questions: ...

If you know, by the experience, what installation will be tightened because of complexity what for to drink tea? Probably I, as always am mistaken, and the reason is banal. The assembler of conditioners does not take out a sunlight, is possible at it simply eyes, — Ahromatopsija are ill.

Hammer, — the universal tool.
In the dark I will twirl a nut, — a hammer,
... too, — a hammer.
Wires to twist? What for?
Hammer, — without changes...

(Any jokers have written in comments to it video)

further non-failure operation of the device depends on quality of installation. It is possible to make split-system installation by the hands, but it is better — trust installation to professionals.