device Inverter the air conditioner: popular models of air



  1. device Inverter the air conditioner, advantages and deficiencies of popular models of air conditioners.


  1. popular air conditioner has following characteristics...
  2. Who thought up such miracle and for what?
  3. Installation инвертерного the air conditioner (feature).
  4. ИК deficiencies.

As it is arranged Inverter the air conditioner, comparative features, advantages and deficiencies of popular modelsThe most basic, in our opinion, the deficiency of air conditioners, is a low reliability сплит systems with инвертерной production engineering.

If it is simple, the air conditioner, — a usual cooler of an alternating current with addition of the converter of voltage and the direct current compressor.

    To choose the air conditioner

  • Features of work Inverter.
  • Advantages Inverter production engineering
  • Deficiencies Inverter split-systems.

The air conditioner compressor is heart and its speed, quality of work, — directly influences efficiency of air conditioning indoors, the inverter is used for management and adjustment of management by the compressor.

Speed of twirl of the compressor is raised, therefore cooling and premise heating are sped up to raise efficiency of use of energy (less, than at usual air conditioners, — efficiency from 20 % to 30 %).

Popular air conditioner has following distinctive characteristics:

In инверторных air conditioners modern innovative and military high technologies are used.

— A starting current, and speed with gradual acceleration, from the work beginning, and to an exit on the set parametres, a relationship 1 / 7;

— Smooth, but a sweeping set of the characteristics set on a benchboard. Upon termination of an acceleration regime, the temperature indoors remains stable;

— The low noise level, is less than at usual air conditioners as инвертерный a cooler uses a double rotor of the compressor that considerably reduces oscillation and an unbalance so vibration of the outdoor block is very small, a difference between usual and Inverter systems makes nearby 1 / 2;

— Cooling and heating occurs more sweepingly, than at usual devices of cooling approximately in 2 times. The inverternyj air conditioner with use of electronic production engineering of a throttling,

The microprocessor can operate import and export of gaz to an expansion valve, the sensing transducer of the compressor of temperature and more sensitive, it is necessary for control of extent of opening of the valve, for achievement of sweeping cooling or heating.

Features of work Inverter air conditioner type

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In Inverter types of air conditioners modern innovative and military high technologies are used.
At compressor turning on, in such systems, there is no voltage jump as at air conditioners of condenser start-up, therefore for инверторных split-systems demands to a wiring and to voltage are downgraded. For some regions of area because of instability of voltage or low temperature in the street in the winter and to «heat» a premise it is necessary, — approaches Inverter the air conditioner.

Besides popularity of such systems is caused by that air conditioners can work with an overloading on the square of a chilled premise.

  1. Two aspects of development Inverter production engineering:
  2. Transformation of an alternating current in constant, voltage converting; technological system VVVF Inverter production engineering, — a vector speed control of the compressor.

Arguments: pro and contra Inverter, the basic obstruction to development инверторных production engineering is the price of the maintenance of such technics if at you the fork in the socket casually closed, or there was a sweeping jump of voltage your favourite инвертерный сплит 80 % that fails,

From practice repair of such trouble, breakage manages from 2.5 thousand руб... 40 % of probability that the processor because of an overstrain, cost of a new pay of the internal block in general departed,

— From 8 00, plus pay repair наружнего the block 2,5 т. руб, вообщем in kopeck repair инверторных split-systems manages...

Advantages инвертерной production engineering:

— Faster cooling or heating;

— comfort.

— The underrated demands to electric networks.

For what for whom thought up such cooler?

The answer does not keep you waiting long, it on a surface.
The matter is that air conditioner installation, expensive enough procedure. The European, South Asian, American dwellings because of a soft climate are built with thin, ... walls and overlapping plates.

On such plywood and shaky walls, simply technically, not to put the outdoor block ordinary (not Inverter split-system. As natural vibration of the air conditioner simply separates this unstablis design named for some reason, — dwelling walls (plywood from a rain and a wind) will be more correct.

That actually also proved the American hurricanes. For us, this «Sandi», well simplis rain is stronger usual, and for the American tent an unusual rain — the present elements.

Here that reason on which it was necessary to «take out» the outdoor block of the air conditioner in «kitchen garden» i.e. to instal on a rigid surface, — on land, on the welded metal carcase.

And now, for a minute, on секундочку представте installation such systems … the Bulgarian is cut all this plywood properties from a setting point of the internal block, to almost floor, further this gap   is covered with something. Living in such hovels the such does not suit people.
How it so what to instal «the popular» and fashionable air conditioner, it is necessary to disorganise a dwelling floor-? Unless so it is possible?

Installation Inverter air conditioner «Split-Rostov», — features of installation

The repairer of central airs and ventilation not always has skills of the climber.

And, to erect the air conditioner so that the route would pass on an outdoor surface of a wall, Europeans, and Americans with «refined» taste to fine … Yes it, — as in soul ... , such ugly and not приемлимыми, for taste of the American artist offers. I smile.

But here бах... There is an exit, here it the idyll, here that exit from a problem, — инвертерный air conditioner type, an integral cooling system on a consumption direct current.

Т е. наружний the air conditioner block at all has no vibration, bolts of fastening of arms will not fall out from jolting of the block of split-system, инвертерная the production engineering — is noiseless, dogs do not bark, at turning on наружнего the block.
The matter is that the low-frequency sound of a shivering wall from work and vibration  the air conditioner block, is for animals as danger, as  a certain trouble... Suddenly the wall of a fragile and shaky structure of people, a wall of a hut, a shanty fails?

It is necessary to bark (the DOG LOGIC). It is necessary though somehow to warn about danger of these confused людишек.

The exit is!
Here it, panacea, here it glory and popularity — Inverter the air conditioner, «we chill a shanty silently», is called. Charmingly.


The most basic, in our opinion, the deficiency of air conditioners, is a low reliability of split-systems with Inverter production engineering. Т е. Service life of such air conditioner as a maximum 5 — 7 years. (Not including some models of the systems which pays are processed by a special varnish covering).

Why such low reliability?

The answer idle time, — expensive repair and diagnostic.
Well представте to itself, the pay of management of the outdoor block сплит systems is on … in the street. Modern pays have element baseline based on microcircuits and micro-assemblages.

Expensive repair and diagnostic stretched on a time, — the basic and main deficiency of innovative air conditioners.

And now представте, our frosts on — 40 grades and humidity under 80 % (for example in Murmansk, yes what to be concealed, in Moscow, in Peter such weather conditions meet).

And so, what will be with capacitors and other elements of a pay наружнего the block? The answer is obvious. A maximum of 5 years stand, further simply parch, or their capacitors «breaks off» Russian bitter colds.

Repair of a pay of the inverter

Repair of a pay of management of the outdoor block of the air conditioner, — holding very expensive, the repair price is comparable with ценою the new block сплит systems.

Repair of a pay of management of the outdoor block of the air conditioner, — holding very expensive, the repair price is comparable with ценою the new block сплит systems.

Yes that there money, — the commercialism, tells the inhabitant, and it will be right. But, the matter is that air conditioners, as a rule break in the summer, in the course of the most intensive maintenance.
And here, intolerable heat, summer heat, and your air conditioner works at the best as the ordinary ventilating fan. Beauty...

    Terms of repair and detection of derangements, the order of a pay of management is not one month, and it is is possible and not two, with the account of expectation of delivery of repair parts.

It not a unique main deficiency инверторных split-systems.

To deficiencies of the internal block of system инвертерного type it is possible to refer to complexity of a design:

— The telescopic sliding panel,
— Excessive навороты, an electronic eye, plasma-filter,
— Additional функционал, — the oscillator of oxygen,
— The oscillator of free radicals,
— Additional, it is thin adjusted parametres of system,
— Difficult system of protection and diagnostic …

Т е. Functions directly not connected with the primary goal of air conditioners to chill and warm a premise.
Вообщем sampling for you. But before purchasing сплит systems it is necessary to weigh all pro's and con's, to approach to a question from expediency, cost of the service maintenance, durability.

Was possiblly, someone arranges let temporary, but the maximum comfort, then your sampling, — low-cost Inverter split-system.

What air conditioner to choose? Noodles of sellers bothered?, — it is readable frank paper: «All truth about инвертерные air conditioners» on our site .