Conditioners, — safety precautions


  1. Instructing of the user after carrying out of installation works
  2. Conditioner grounding
  3. Connection of a food of split-system
  4.  Conditioner installation sites
  5. Recycling of the spoilt or obsolete device

Safety precautions or obligatory instructing of the user after carrying out of assembly and starting-up and adjustment actions

Safety precautions or obligatory instructing of the user after carrying out of assembly and starting-up and adjustment actions.

We start to think.

Before conditioner inclusion it is necessary to familiarise attentively with the safety precautions resulted more low for maintenance of normal functioning of system.

Interdictions and оганичения on installation сплит systems, is важноо the nobility and to apply at installation of split-systems.

    At conditioners hlado — productivity more than 4600 Vt (17000 btu/h) are not present a plug plug of a cable of a food.

Let's ask a simple question: whether «And so your conditioner is safe? Or why it is impossible сплит to iron system as a cat, to stick into the evaporator with sticks and other extraneous subjects? Why it is impossible?»

It is possible! All is possible. But, if not to foresee a consequence of the not considered actions and acts — there comes травматичный a case or device breakage, with a case in point — your favourite сплит systems.

Conditioner grounding

  • Necessarily earth the unit! Wrong performance of grounding can lead to defeat by an electric current.
  • Contact of an earthing wire to a line of a gas pipeline, waterpipe, молниеотвода is forbidden, etc.
  • It is forbidden to disconnect power supplies in an operating time сплит systems (for example, disconnecting a plug plug from the socket). At first switch off the conditioner, then pull out from the socket a plug plug, holding it in order to avoid cable breakage.

Connection of a food of split-system

  • It is forbidden to extend a cable or to spend an additional line of a food. It is forbidden to connect the conditioner to one socket with other electrodevices.
  • At work with a food cable be careful.

Do not stand under a stream

Carried away by the Chinese wind: safety are not present

Carried away by the Chinese wind: safety are not present


  • long finding near to a leaving air stream can cause a damage to your health.
  • It is impossible to suppose pranks of children with the conditioner.

Switching-off from the power supply

  • For prevention of defeat by an electric current it is required to establish the breaker of leak of a current of corresponding face value it it is safe.
  • It is forbidden to use incendiary devices directly under a stream of leaving air сплит systems as it can lead to formation of harmful gas.

If the conditioner is not used during the long period of time, it is required to disconnect it from a source of power supplies or to pull out a plug plug from the socket (a dust congestion can cause ignition).

Rules of care of the conditioner


  • conditioner should be cleared a soft dry napkin. Use of chemical solutions, combustible means, abrasive and other solutions is forbidden, as it leads to damage of a surface of the unit.
  • It is forbidden to wash the conditioner under a water stream.
  • At long work of the conditioner it is necessary to close doors and windows (it is recommended to curtain off a window). If it is indoors stuffy, open a door or a window. If you have felt a smell of burning, immediately switch off the conditioner and disconnect it from power supplies source.

Conditioner installation sites are strictly limited and limited

Whether and so such installation of split-system is safe.

All safety precautions regulations are broken

  • It is forbidden to establish the conditioner in places of possible leak of inflammable gas. In case of a congestion of flammable gas near to the unit there can be a fire.

The conditioner is not intended for maintenance of strictly set temperature and humidity in premises for storage of foodstuff and works of art. At long cooling and air conditioning indoors with high humidity (above 80 %) it is forbidden to open doors and windows. It can lead to condensate hit in the internal block.

  • It is forbidden to insert extraneous subjects into conditioner exhaust outlets. It can lead to breakage of the fan or to a trauma.

Recycling of the spoilt or obsolete device

  • Conditioner recycling together with a household waste is forbidden. It is necessary to address in special point of recycling of electric and electronic devices.

Safe and regulated operation сплит systems and conditioners.

At conditioner installation observance of state standards and wiring rules is required. It is forbidden to establish the conditioner in laundries. The maximum height of installation of the conditioner makes 2,3 m from a floor surface. The conditioner should be established near to the electric socket. The backlash between contacts ... conditioner boxes хладопроизводительностью more than 4600 Vt (17000 btu/h) should make not less than 3 mm. The wire lining should be carried out according to uniform state standard.