The refrigerator of known brand Sharp


I choose Side by Side. The refrigerator of known brand Sharp.

  1. Refrigerator Sharp Side by Side SJ-F96SPSL won.
  2. Refrigerators Bosch series KIS (kiss) and their analogues.
  3. Side by Side from brand Bosch. Doors fell off!!!
  4. Brands in development got stuck there, somewhere is very far, — in the past.
  5. I do not want another. To me Sharpa submit.

Refrigerator Side by Side from brand Sharp SJ-F96SPSL the winner.

Sharp SJ-F96SPSL the winner.

The refrigerator choosing,
I, as earlier, representing,
Here he, with pleasure bought,
But, there is no it, I became sad.

I to myself decided to buy the refrigerator, and to choose, especially there is nothing...

I admit at once, any preferences and bias to this or that brand of refrigerating technics at me небыло and are not present.
All is much worse, than we initially represent to ourselves, this epitaph quite approaches to sampling of the refrigerator for itself favourite.

Between a drama, tragedy and a brand, you forgive me, but a longitudinal separation of a huge size. I will begin with the main thing, all fell off observed by me refrigerating assemblies in a price class, 35 thousand rbl. to 130 000 rbl.

 Refrigerator Sharp Side by Side SJ-F96SPSL won.

Refrigerator Sharp won on, mine, I hope not last samplings of household refrigerating technics for itself.

Responses about the refrigerator of given model Sharp:
The excellent apparatus! The capacious refrigerator Sharp SJ-F96 SPSL, very convenient arrangement of all shelves for various products, the big and capacious freezing chamber in which — without problems held about 80 kg of meat. Air ionizer in a fantastic way works. Odours of strangers practically are not present. With purchasing it is very happy! Very much I recommend!

The comment: the Mega-apparatus. Huge volume of the refrigerator for a family from 3 and more persons. Beautiful and silent, with soft operational development of doors and the built in ionizer of air. Products in such fine refrigerator of odours do not leave.
It is possible to do stocks of products for a week forward. That is necessary for the occupied person. A deficiency: the goods are in constant deficiency — to wait sometimes for delivery it is necessary month and more. Council skilled — подкопите means also buy.
Response: Big, silent and well and sweepingly freezes. To carp practically there is nothing. The ice oscillator is executed from qualitative materials that a rarity.

It is necessary to find it, this handsome man in shops at the comprehensible price.

Refrigerator Bosch KIS (kiss) and their analogues.

Courageous kiss... Rains kisses such to death

Courageous kiss... Rains kisses such to death

For example we observe the proximal competitors — the refrigerator бош and responses about it. In the first: a magnetic plate on a door so powerful that opening refrigerator doors the refrigerator if it is had on slippery, tiled to a floor is propelled also.
Let's add a negative... Do not take the given refrigerator.
For 2th years of maintenance all loops broke. Refrigerator doors ceased to be closed absolutely. Last 2 loops broke at once, in one day. Producer Bosh precisely learnt to count a necessary resource of the products what «not get» on guarantee replacement and to earn on spare parts.
I, by the naivety, counted to pay more for known brand Bosch and, to gain a minimum of problems in the future. But, hopes did not justify...
The complete set a loop on a door of it «Miracle» costs unfairly much — already 2,5 тыс roubles. It is necessary two complete sets of 2*2 loops, т.Ñ. 5 thousand.
To pay, the arm was not unclenched, did not become. «Repaired» as follows. From a door loop выковырял the rests of the broken mechanism providing operational development of doors: a spring + the broken plastic details. After that doors started to be closed, but the operational development mechanism to rebuild on was gained.

Bosch series KIS (kiss) — as a kiss of the lady with косою, for the refrigerator of the given brand. I will not be such г... To buy never. «Боши» they as «воши» rain kisses to death. Excuse for a decadence, but, I do not want such refrigerator.

Side by Side from brand Bosch. Doors fell off!!!

Deficiencies: the refrigerating chamber insufficiently freezes. More truly if to instal the minimum temperature in the freezing chamber at a back wall of a usual compartment of the refrigerator products solidify and freeze, if temperature to instal above products spoil that not is айс. The freshness chamber is absent on-definition Bosha, as superfluous.

The refrigerating chamber small, even for a family from 3 people does not suffice, the refrigerator, especially shortage of volume is required still is appreciable in holidays when many products are bought. About a jelly for new year at above-zero temperature in the street it is possible to forget. Into the refrigerator gets a jelly, well unless a plate for a cat.

The back cover closing the propeller-compressor, fastens on 6 screws without a lining. As consequence — terribly jars at the working motor. It was necessary to hold down a plastic lining between the refrigerator and a wall! It at such high price!

The comment 3: After 2,5th years of maintenance ledo — the oscillator ceased to give ice. Addressed in service-centre, told: «burnt down the ventilating fan which discharges under pressure a cold in the freezing chamber». Because of it insufficiently low temperature for an ice formation in the container. A summary: z/parts are not present, by request for two months was stretched (taking into account holidays). For new year remained without a jelly! I very much am not happy with the refrigerator!
There is a cheating in the pure state, it so naive hamsters from a brand of Bosh releasing last brand at the Korean factories of Daewoo think. By the way yes, and why, actually, the German brand moved to Korea? At Germans there in germaniums that? To work there is nobody?

 Many brands of refrigerators got stuck there, somewhere is very far, — in the past

To choose the refrigerator: an outstanding point — modern demands to quality and функционалу

Farly in the past

Long чесав «turnip», all Internet turned over... The Leading-out not consolatory as all is started in this branch, — refrigerating technics. Even if means allow and there is a desire to buy, but there is no sampling. Not паханное a field. I noticed one cone, firm Sharp refrigerator appeared it this colossus.

By the way refrigerators of legendary brand Liebherr so do not praise. There is an opinion that more than 5th years they do not work, unfortunately the unjustified relation of the price and quality.

Brands BEKO, Electrolux, Gorenje, Hitachi, Hotpoint — Ariston, Indesit, LG, Liebherr, Samsung, Smeg, Atlant... And even Panasonik, I observe as a certain parody to representation of producers of refrigerators about the world as that, and it would be desirable them to ask: «what now year on a yard?»... Such impression that they got stuck there, somewhere is very far, — in the past.

 I do not want another. To me Sharpa submit.

Let's return to Sharpam. For the sake of justice I want to note that other models of this brand in a price segment are more low-cost than 40 thousand rbl. also do not praise because of the raised noise performances. As the instance model Sharp SJ-SC59 PVBE and their analogues has the extremely negative responses because of noise of the compressor of the refrigerator.

By the way models Sharp SJ-F96SPSL and SJ-F91SPSL differ all on 10 the difference huge see in altitude, and in the price...
Sharp SJ-F96SPSL in various colour variations costs from 88 thousand rbl. what softly to tell for me it is strongly unprofitable, and here SJ-F91SPSL it is possible to find from 63 000 rbl. too it is unprofitable, but...

PS. My dreams about the refrigerator were realised quickly enough coming casually into shop «Eldorado», about a miracle, Sharp SJ-F96SPSL from a show-window costs only 58 т. рэ. Long observing on new or not new, типо from repair why such enormous discount (was the small dinge on a door (it is corrected easily by magnets, the case — metal), and can hardly add and buy SJ-F91SPSL for 63 000 руб, but weighing all pro's and con's I was shut down on model with a great volume, but is more low-cost.

The refrigerator of brand Sharp Side by Side SJ-F96SPSL nevertheless won.

Here such history.