X — FRIZZY Roda, as an ideal storm


Как и чем достигаются такие качества кондиционеров Рода, об этом и многом другом Вы узнаете от праздничной премьеры моделей кондиционеров.

Как надоели обманы и лукавые приписки производителей разных брендов кондиционеров. Но наши кондиционеры X — FRIZZY проверены с немецкой педантичностью на соответствие заявленных параметров фактическим возможностям.

  1.  Roda X-FRIZZY, is an ideal storm
  2. Production engineering of the class-room And, 2013
  3. Ruler of 2013 of exhaustion, the fair partner


  1. celebratory premiere. Characteristics

X — FRIZZY Roda, as an ideal storm

RS - B 7/09/12/18/24/30 A, it is that линейк air conditioners. Which you waited, waited and at last waited.

Roda X-FRIZZY RS — B 7/09/12/18/24/30 A

Excellent qualitative and power characteristics of air conditioners Roda of a series X — FRIZZY (RS — B 7/09/12/18/24/30 A), grant to us is right to compare work of such cooler to an ideal storm.
pdf. Site page. Roda series X — FRIZZY it: an ideal wind, a wind new unknown before possibilities. We buy, it is not yawned. A gift to women for March, eighth and not only. After all FRIZZY in transfer — кучерявый, an undular and exciting wind as cool, but a fresh sea breeze.
Almost unique qualities and possibilities сплит systems of the given ruler are recognised by unsurpassed in the ratio the price-quality.

Power saving up production engineering 2013

Even more we save and we save up, as X — FRIZZY it is the most high-class models of power savings «And»:

  • RS-B 7A / RU-B 7A, (to 22 sq.m. the class-room And, 2013 of exhaustion)
  •  RS-B 09A / RU-B 09A, (20-26 sq.m.)
  •  RS-B 12A / RU-B 12A, (to 35 sq.m. And the class-room.)
  •  RS-B 18A / RU-B 18A, (more than 50 sq. metres)
  •  RS-B 24A / RU-B 24A (the industrial equipment, 7,2 KW. On a cold).

Fair possibilities of our partner X — FRIZZY

Air conditioners of the Sort of 2013 of exhaustion possess all qualities and properties of a modern refrigerating machinery. Such functions and possibilities that another tell болше, many. To excellent brands of air conditioners, still to catch up and up.

But, there is such Chinese proverb: At a stop never catches up with the running.

The Sort concern develops promptly, as the demonstration to that serves: a new ruler of air conditioners of a series X — FRIZZY and its possibilities.

Fair possibilities of air conditioners of a series X — FRIZZY, from known concern of the Sort. A ruler of 2013 of exhaustion

Fair possibilities of our partner X — FRIZZY