If M.E., — the inverter??? So


  1. We choose the inverter of Mitsubishi-Electric,
  2. Arguments: pro and contra,
  3. Speed and power at start,
  4. Stable t indoors? It is the big plus,


  1. drive of the rotary compressor,
  2. Super — flat ribs at... The heat exchanger.

Why we choose the inverter from Mitsubishi-Electric company.

The inverter is printing knot (a pay with electronic components of management), the installed in outdoor and internal assemblies of the device which controls not only a rotational speed of a rotor of the compressor of the air conditioner, but also considers changes of amplitude and frequency of a line voltage.Invertornye production engineering applied in modern integral cooling systems undergoes not only qualitative and колличественные changes of characteristics, but also high reliability of the given devices of cooling leaves our sampling for last.

So why, actually we choose the air conditioner with инверторной production engineering? Answers to these and other questions in paper more low.

 Arguments for the inverter and against.

The built in micro-processor in a pay of the internal block collects the information from the numerous portable sensing transducers tracing operation factors and the characteristics, and computes necessary productivity of the compressor of the air conditioner for the most sweeping achievement of comfortable and optimum temperature of air indoors at the minimum electro-consumption.

Advantages of the air conditioner with инверторным Mitsubishi drive

Advantages of the inverter of Mitsubishi

Low charges on maintenance, unique noise and characteristics are the most basic and requested advantages инверторных Mitsubishi central airs.

Т to. инвертерный the system drive combines not only the advanced and innovative production engineering, in the field of micro-processor production engineering of application, but also a mathematical component of maintenance with the power electronics program, and so in the field of high-precision nano-machining of knots and details.

Invertornye production engineering applied in modern integral cooling systems undergoes not only qualitative and колличественные changes of characteristics, but also high reliability of the given devices of cooling leaves our sampling for last.



The Sinergetichesky, merging effect to innovations secures complex overall performance of the device against a combination of various approaches at cooling or air heating.

Pro or contra production engineering, comparative features, advantages and deficiencies popular models how many different and inconsistent opinions rove about Internet open spaces. We try to be knocked down together with you in all subtleties and nuances инверторных innovations from the company of Mitsubishi the Electrician.

Speed and power at start.

Productivity and power of the compressor of the air conditioner increases to maximum directly after air conditioner turning on in the set operating mode, it...

Quality of split-systems with application инверторных production engineering, provides sweeping hit of the person in a zone of comfortable temperature of air, medium. The air conditioner is not present necessity to «drive» constantly without switching out.

Further at the expense of an easy running of adjustment of the drive of the compressor constant productivity is supported. This quality of the inverter secures economic, resistant to and long-term work of the device of cooling.

DC compressor as it is arranged

compressor rotor with permanent magnets to achieve maximum performance and torque.


It is to analogously smooth and rhythmical traffic of a car. On country highway without stops, stoppers and signal lights.

Power at start of air conditioners of the given type so impressing and sweeping... As comparison approaches unless-that Mitsubishi car in racing alternative of modification.

Stable t indoors? It is the big plus of such systems.

The control system changes a rotational speed of the compressor and traces change of temperature of air indoors. On the basis of this data optimum productivity of system for stable maintenance of temperature is computed.

Absence of temperature oscillations creates really comfortable and fertile mikro — environmental conditions indoors

Pluses at sampling of models of air conditioners... Them is at us the whole paper. Rukopozhatnye heroes of unknown front in struggle for education and general literacy lined the unique information on air conditioners unprecedented to village of functionality. Gain deal a companion a Mauser.



 The contactless propeller on a direct current and the drive of the rotary compressor.

For raise of power-overall performance of compressors of a direct current and decrease in the cost price of their manufacture it is necessary: to reduce losses both in windings of the propeller, and in the core-rotor, and so to make the compressor the most compact and miniature.

Mitsubishi Electric always, since 2013 will equip contactless the compressor of a direct current with rotors with a constant magnet for achievement of the highest productivity and a twisting moment.

The electromagnetic moment of start of such contactless propeller is the sum of the basic component of the starting and jet moments.

The constant, independent drive of a wireless rotor of the compressor does инвертерные models сплит systems even more demanded and popular. To march in step with promptly rushing time, here that motto of the company of Mitsubishi captureed all progressive and be unstablis-dynamical World of air conditioners.



 Super-flat ribs at the heat exchanger

The heat exchanger of the air conditioner with flat aluminium or copper ribs create the lowest resistance to air stream and consequently a long time remain pure, without a dust and a mud.

Super-flat ribs exchanger

Super-flat ribs exchanger

This property of the heat exchanger increases a time interval between maintenance service that reduces cost of the maintenance of the device in times and raises efficiency, энерго and warmly — a system exchange at cooler maintenance approximately on 70 %.

Flat ribs happen not only at ailing and thin women sick of an anorexia, it is bad. But, such and even more flat ribs on наружнем the air conditioner block, it as is not strange — well. Where that basil of comparisons as it is thin and imperceptible.

Manufacturing of heat exchangers of Mitsubishi the Electrician is a special know-how as the pipe has internal накатку, it conducts to increase in intensity of heat exchange and, as consequence, —  to increase in power-efficiency of all integral cooling system вцелом.

As you fathom that process of manufacturing of pipes with internal cutting and cold rolling demands much as industrial and power expenses. Therefore Mitsubishi-Electric air conditioner, on-definition cannot cost not much. And to compare such сплит system to primitive, obsolete air conditioners simply it is not correct.