Panasonic (Панасоник), SONY — total sale of property of the companies


  1. Curative starvation Panasonic.
  2. Who has thrust hands in cash desk?
  3. Extinction of giants, as mammoths.
  4. Panasonic and SONY. Sales have begun.


  1. future at the company … «is not present» or «is»?

Hungry Panasonic will not live. Extreme 2013.

Power hunger-strike 2013 and catastrophic bankruptcy of leading commodity markets (for example, the USA).

All of us  have got used that such giants of the electronic industry as Sleepyheads and Panasoniс, — feel confidently on any commodity markets of the commodity output.

Here that hunger does with such as... The photo also obliges to mobilisation of means of efforts and will. Yes здавствует Panasonik, full and blossoming.

Will not wait, Panasonic will not starve.

All was so until recently , till 2013 . «SONY has started sale of office buildings and technologies» — such bankruptcy expects and Panasonic:

Cash rupture. A collapse of ideology of Adam Smith... Or chaos Panasonic.

Not  losses. Cash rupture has reached unprecedented to village of the sizes and scales, therefore, that though somehow to remain afloat as  перекредитоваться under planned losse  Panasonik any more  is not possible …

Nobody lends to potential bankrupts, the suckers reacting on надувание of cheeks have ended, and in fair and competitive struggle for commodity commodity markets company Panasonic is total the  corruption component naturally increasing in a condition of chaos loses because of slowness of the management and global inefficient manufacture with set of sub-contract structures +.

To giants of money do not give. They too big what to survive.

Here such tendencies more and more grasp minds of the advanced brokers on Uoll-Strit. Already even the most confused and near broker understands:

— To what these total sales, at first company real estate, and then and, so-called, high technologies SONY, all «is sold by auction», total sale, up to the personnel which on request of new proprietors will transfer as serfs, as voluntary slaves to new owners to the Empire Panasonik and Sleepyhead rests.

Predicted minimum losses of corporation Panasonic following the results of 2012 financially-fiscal years, in Japan fiscal year comes to an end on March, 31st, make for company Panasonic more than 7 млрд dollars. Corporation Panasonic finishes fiscal year again with losses, (4th year successively).

In connection with  monstrous cash ruptures company Panasonic has sold two best and liquid office buildings in Tokyo and so declared sale of all a staff — apartments in New York.

Source: Corporation Panasonic (Japan) total sale.

Total sale of the goods of marks: Panasonic, SONY and др...

Yes what there to tell, come into any supermarket of electronics, take an interest, and to you that-hour will offer super-discounts for any technics of Panasonik. But, I so believe that interest of sellers in sale of home appliances of firms of the Blue and Panasonik, — are especially favourable, as discount or a shop walrus reaches 50 %!!!


sale of the goods of company Panasonik is caused by a pitiable financial condition of corporation.

Global corporation Panasonic is on sale for pieces of paper.

It speaks about a pitiable financial position of affairs of the company, about the future closing and resales of the remained branches.

But, I as at the seller of climatic technics with quite good reputation, involuntarily have a question: And how Panasonic or SONY will support the guarantee certificates after total sales of home appliances? After all units of the sold goods became more, and branches and the service centres it is total, their financing is reduced.

 territories from competitors.

Total  territories from competitors have begun, the first global companies got under distribution of steel Panasonic and SONY. As it is not fair and cruel to attack on defenceless, to the companies lying in an orchestra.

Yes, today in 2013 it is heavy, but further will come 2014, 2015, and all will be adjusted, and панасоник as the hero as the athlete will straighten the mighty shoulders and rises from non-existence ruins on new tops of the infinite ascension.

The main thing, that Archangel Michael not шлёпнул on a head of our knight of the present — Panasonic.


future at Panasonik … «is not present» or «is»? SONY, Panasonic will eat.

Here that problem: who will do free of charge guarantee repair of home appliances Panasonic, SONY … other giants, — a deceit and a cheating on the person. Money at increase in sales is not present, financing of service obligations — are cut as much as possible down, the prestige of the company falls below a plinth.